Thursday, October 31, 2013

Imagine If you were the ONLY ONE in the Whole World...

I've been a little down lately (well maybe not a little). Anyway, I just haven't had any or enough motivation to do anything at all (even talking to God has somehow decided to seem like a lot of work *coversFace*).
Right at this moment,getting out of bed is like aaaaargggggh (and ts 2pm *covers face again*).
Well, I just realised one of the things wrong with me is lack of people around. For awhile I haven't being interacting with anyone out of social media and I believe it's taking a toll on me.
See I'm an introverted extrovert as such I'm not totally a people's person except it's necessary (and leaving my house is usually so much work) and still at home I'm always in my room alone, (except you count my bed, books, phone and computer as Persons)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Where Does a Good Fruit come from?

A Tree is identified by the Fruits it Produces. A good tree would produce good fruits and so a bad tree would produce bad fruits.
The kind of Tree depends on how and where it is rooted.
Where are you Planted? How rooted are you?

The only way to become a good tree is to be planted in Christ, deeply rooted in Christ.
You become planted in Christ by BELIEVING In Him, but the depth of your roots depends on Your Faith and the only way to Build your Faith Is to Know God and the only way to know God is To via STUDYING HIS WORD AND PRAYING.
The more You Study and Pray, the better you know Him, the more you grow in Love (For God, For yourself, For the whole of Humanity), the stronger your Faith becomes and the easier it becomes to Obey God. When you obey God and live right you'd produce good fruits.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Story of An Addict

He walking like one who cannot see
In his heart he knows he's in a prison
He desperately longs to be set free
But he's still bound and needs a reason

There was a time when he was truly lost
When he had not encountered the touch of the cross
Now that christ has paid all the cost
But still held bound to those Addictions that keep him at loss

Quite a number of years since he got saved
But still bound to those dirty habits
Everytime he does them, he's amazed
It's like he can never stop dancing to the devils drum beats.

He's an addict, To Drugs, Masturbation, Sex, porn, Stealing, Lying, Alcohol and weed.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I was Born with Sickle cell Anaemia and Still My Dad disowned me because I converted to Christainity.

My name is Hammed Ajiboye. I'm a Christian from a Muslim home. A writer, a reader and learner and this is my story:

My conversion to Christianity wasn't a knee jerk reaction. I had always wanted
to be a Christian. What I read in the Bible touched my heart and soul. The story of God's unending love for humanity, salvation and me as a person.

The various stories of healing I read touched the dusty chords of my heart. I desperately wanted healing. Wanted to be free. I had been born with sickle cell, a terrible life threatening, blood zapping condition that has no cure. It was a life of pain. The only way to beat the condition is through meticulous management, prevention of crisis and avoidance of complications.
For me, however, I wanted total healing, not management.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

What are you leaving behind?

About a year ago, I met someone. I didn't like her at first, infact I hated seeing her - probably because then it felt like she had come to steal my friends away from me hehe! #memories (Story for another time tho) but with time we got close and I discovered how amazing she is.
Now, I love her to bits, to the stars and beyond, I love her way beyond this life (no homo o!).
She's been a great friend. She's been a confidant, She's been a Sister.
I didn't know I'd ever become close to someone as I am to her today, I've told her things, done things with her that I never thought I would.

But today she travelled (a 24hour flight) to another continent, to a country with 9hours difference in time with ours - Nigeria.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Never Lose Hope.

Over time it been discovered there is no absolute finish line for everyone in the race of life. Our tracks are different and our durations are different. The only thing we have in common is the same empire.

For instance, one person graduates at age 20 and struggles for another 5 years to get a job, another might graduate at 25 and get a job immediately.
One can marry a virgin and wait for the next decade to have the blessings of children, another lady probably after having series of abortions in her past, becomes a mother almost immediately after marriage. A fellow becomes MD at 38 and dies at 56, another becomes MD at 55 and lives to 90.

What a life! Life is

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Getting over a Break up| *Your First love?*

Breakups can be very rough and tough...
The loss of a relationship can bring on intense heartache, Physical, emotional as well as mental stress especially if its a first love!

Uhhhhm! Sigh!

Nothing is ever quite as painful as getting over your first love; its more like a shattered dream. You thought you'd spend the rest of your lives together. You made plans for the future. You have loads of jokes and memories of the time you spent together. Now that it's over, you're scared that you'll never find anyone to ever replace them, or maybe you're just afraid that you won't ever be as happy with someone else.

There are no miracle cures to getting over your first love but giving it TIME and Focusing on YOUR Needs.
The first step though, is accepting the fact that the relationship is over and start "LETTING GO'.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Battle against Shyness

Everyone has something they struggle with, Some low self esteem, others shyness, lack of self control, etcetera etcetera and these things if not dealt with would limit us a lot and make us lose some valuable opportunities. Aby Of has had to battle with her's which is shyness and even though she's still a work in progress, she wrote something about it, hoping that it will inspire and help someone out there.

I know there are a lot of people on a constant struggle with shyness, i know because i used to be one of them and i haven't even completely defeated it! You know what sucks? shyness comes with a load of self doubt and lack of self confidence; you don't want to say something to someone cause you don't know what they'll think, you don't want to do something you love
because you're not sure its good enough or you'll do it well enough...well let me tell you something...all that is BOLLOCKS!

Answer me this...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nigeria Blog Awards

Hey loves.
A Big thank you for making out time to check my blog. Thank you for reading, For sharing and for commenting.

Please please please please please, I beg you to kindly encourage me by nominating my blog on the on going Nigeria Blog Awards under the following categories:

1) Best New Blog (No 5)

2) Best Faith-based Blog (No 14)

3) Best Student Blog (No 24)

Follow this link and nominate.
Please tell your friends to nominate also.

God Bless You. God Bless me :D
Much love. XoXo.

In a Storm, Faith Prevails

Touchy, super sensitive. Everything gets to heart, cries for no reason, emotional wreck.

Things seem not okay. Plans shattered. People away.

Not enough care, not much love, not much sensitivity, so little appreciation.

Feelings are sky rocketed. Every ish looks bigger than it should be. Every pain cuts deeper than it should. Every tear hurts more than can be handled.

This is one of the rough times, where feelings take control. Even old issues are coming to remembrance. Too many things.

Ever felt like this? That's how I feel, that's how I've felt for over a week now. It sucks right? I so want it to go away. God is testing my emotions, I know but that truth doesn't make it easier to bear everytime the rush comes.

I've prayed, I've sang and I've felt better then five minutes later something happens again and I feel down, hurt. My emotions are too sensitive to even get angry (funny? NAH!)

But something keeps me going, you know what it is? It's the Fact that

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October is here.

October is here.
Nigeria celebrates her birthday today (the 1st).
I'll celebrate mine in seven days (the 8th).
It's the 10th month of the year.
It's the 3rd to last month of the year.

Bla bla bla bla.

I Just want to Say
"Happy Birthday Nigeria. Happy 53rd Birthday My Country.
Happy New month you all. Wishing Us all God's Best and a Special Shoutout to all October celebrants (We Rock!)"

PS: There is no Nigeria without the people. Nigerians are Nigeria. We are a great people, hence our country is great.
You want to see a change in Nigeria? Then Do the little you can in your immediate environment, Be the change you want to see. Always Speak well of your nation because you are your nation.

There is no blog without you - the reader. A big thanks to all who ever has visited this blog. Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for sharing, thanks for cheering me, thanks for encouraging me and thanks for the criticism. We all shall grow in strength and wisdom.

Have a blessed october. This is your best month yet. This is Nigeria's best year yet.

I love you - my Country&it's people; My blog&it's readers.
Your's Truly.