Sunday, November 8, 2015

What to do when you are in The Waiting Period...

 Time waits for no one
There are times in life when the going gets hard. When you try and try but yet nothing is happening. Times when you feel stuck. You feel you should have passed through that phase but you are not moving yet. Recently I felt like that. I wrote my last undergraduate exam August 28, 2015 and almost three months after I haven’t defended my project, just because my department is slow and annoying.  I began to feel angry at a time, because I had things lined up that I wanted to do, and had had to pass out on opportunities just because I’m technically not done with school and so cant officially relocate yet. I was mad for awhile, but then I let it go because it was no use using up my energy for something I had no power over.  Anyway a friend called me one day and in a bit to console me, was saying how he strongly feels that this is a waiting period and that I’m strongly feeling stuck for a reason. At that time I didn’t want to agree because it was just project defense (which in my mind was my department fault and nothing else).  Fast forward to five days later,