Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Complaints Box Nigeria Breaks Record with 1month Tweetathon

     Customer service is a serious issue in Nigeria. Everyday, someone experiences a bad customer service; from telecommunications companies, to the market woman at the market, down to the banks, eateries, bus conductors - really in Nigeria, bad customer service is everywhere. Its the reason you go on social media and see all sorts of complaints. Its like these service and products providers forget that without us the customers, they will run out of business. 

     Well, in attempt to curb this issue and educate the general public on everything 'customer service', Complaints Box Nigeria has come to give voice to your complaints about poor Customer service in Nigeria and help seek redress. (They are doing a great job already...check their twitter timeline).

    For the whole month of February 2016, Complaints Box had a 1 Month (One whole month, Feb 1st to 29th, no day missed!!) Tweetathon on Consumer Deserves Better on Twitter.