Sunday, March 16, 2014

JAM Summit '14

About a year ago, My campus fellowship in
school was preparing to travel to Lagos for a program called JAM summit (a camp where the campus family of Church of God Mission Int'l in Nigeria, leave their various campuses and come together to fellowship) but while everyone was preparing for the summit, I was relatively indifferent about it. Thing is, it hadn't been long since I joined the fellowship and so I couldn't relate with the euphoria that aroused whenever the term JAM SUMMIT was mentioned in church.
March 27th 2013, the Departure day came. I escorted my friend to the park where the bus was waiting for them, and even as I saw the Joy in the faces of those leaving for the program, I still didn't get it.
Later that evening, I went on twitter and my TL was spammed with tweets about arrival day at JAM summit '13.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Staying above your challenges

A million times I have asked myself how I went back to those things that keeps me from enjoying Christ. A lot of times I wonder how challenges/temptations I had once overcome can resurface and hook me down.
I use to think that once you overcome something, it's done and dusted. I thought none of the issues that God has helped me deal with can ever come up again and then make me struggle.
Well, in a lot of ways I was wrong but out of my ignorance God has brought forth wisdom. Now I know better and now, I want to share what I have learnt.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Listening to the song Twale today by Flo, I realized that Flo used the
special abilities of animals and man to want to glorify God (i.e. The
roaring of Lions, the ability of eagles to fly really high and well,
the shining ability of the sun, the excited screams of children, the
illumination ability of the stars etc) and then it hit me; we are
supposed to use our works - 'our talents, abilities, and gifts' - to
glorify and worship God.

The bible says "Let your light so shine that people would see your
'good' works and give glory to your Father that is in Heaven"