Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Thank Yous'.....

You saw me through this year, amidst all I had to deal with you kept me standing. I can't really say anything other than thank you. Daddy, thank you for been there when I wasn't, thanks for looking out for me when I was unfaithful but more I thank you for bringing me out of shit. Daddy, thank you for the successes and ideas you brought me this year. Thank you for the lessons I learnt, Thank you for the friendships that hit the rock, thank for the new friends I made.
Daddy, thank you for the responsibilities you have put on me, thank you for showing me how strong I am. Daddy, thank you for even though the first five months of this year was characterised with much struggle and pain as I had to deal with identity crisis, uncertainties in my convictions and a broken heart, you brought me out of the shit, cleaned me, taught me lessons of life and began to let my light shine.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Cast the bitterness off

I'm grateful to peace itimi for this opportunity to be featured on the blog. I love the fact that she's amazing in her own way and has challenged me greatly in pursuing so many things which I've abandoned.     
Alot of us have been through some tough stuffs, stuffs we don't even want to share with anybody. It could be an addiction, a broken heart, hurting someone so bad, an abortion etc. But whatever it is, its time to let it go.
You have to forgive yourself, and make the decision to let it go. The only way you can accept new joy and happiness into your life is to make space for it rather than fill your heart with pain.
Understand that, things don't disappear on their own. You can write it out, talk to someone you trust about it, or cry and pray about it. Whichever way, its time to get it off your system.

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Thoughts…Forever muddled somewhere in my mind
Forever a subconscious presence
Forever an uninvited existence
Forever a plague.
I gasp beneath its choking grasp
Struggling to wrench free of its relentless hold
I squirm free, running off into the vagueness
Yet I stay pinned under its ravaging claws.

Friday, December 26, 2014

GUEST POST --- Holding on to that last shred of Hope!

Turn up turn up ladies and gentlemen, I am super excited to finally get an opportunity to write a post on my Pastor Partner in Crimes blog. Heheheh She has one of the coolest blogs available, and I am super grateful to Peace Itimi for this awesome opportunity. Leeme add that I am a mega fan of hers ooo, so amma gonna hope for 1 night, do fasting and prayer for 39 days and 39 nights, and soak my chaplet inside of water that she puts up this post :) She bad like that gan.. I so love this Blog cause i soooo soooo love the author and the dexterity and wisdom with which she posts. So leggooo.. You see ehn, its funny how life is,  how things play out, how no body any where has it perfect regardless of their beauty and wealth, how the rich also cry and the beautiful ones have a scar on their souls, one which even their best and most expensive make up can never cover. Its funny how the lives of people looks so perfect and shiny on the outside, where as on the inside we never know the battle they fight, nor the demons they face. Well in my 23 years 1 month 12 days eyes, we are all fishes swimming in the ocean, constantly tossed by Tidal waves.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm trying to find my Christmas Spirit, I Don't know where it ran to.

I don't feel Christmas. I KNOW tomorrow is Christmas but I don't feel it.
The yuletide season is pronounced everywhere - On Tv, on the Internet (just check Google's doodle, tweets and facebook walls), in public places (I was at the bank yesterday and too many people were on Christmas caps/hats) and in my house (Mum is receiving chickens and drinks anyhow - The woman keeps laughing, reciting in my ear that 'A good name is better than riches and It's not easy to be a senior citizen' as if na she first retire

Friday, December 19, 2014


Shared dreams
Shredded dreams
Promises made
Promises maimed
My wounds are awake
They bleed red ink
I bottled up these smiles
Hoping to get drowned in them

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Was Asked to Probate

      One year ago, i was sitting on this bench, in a teenage meeting at my church, thanking God for grace and strength to read, and for a successful completion of my 2nd year in the university. One year after, i am sitting on the same bench on the same spot in the a teenage meeting at my church, not sure how or whether to thank God for the completion, (hopefully successful), of my 2nd year...AGAIN!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Ts DECEMBER.....Process, Patience and Paths

Its a great day yea? Its the first day of the last month of the year and I can't help but be thankful for God's mercies and grace. 2014 is coming to its end and I'm witness to it, not because of how I am but because of whose I am. Because my Father has counted me worthy to be alive.
As I kept thinking of how great it feels to see December 2014, I couldn't help but remember those who didnt get here. Those people who died a couple of hours/days/weeks before December 1st. Its sad and I pray most earnestly that majority of such would have had Jesus in their heart because at the end of our temporal existence on earth, the only factor that would count as regards where we spend eternity is having or not having Jesus in our hearts and what would count in the lives of those we leave behind is not how much money we had/how successful we were or how often we had