Monday, April 27, 2015

........I have fallen in love again! plus #15for15challenge

'The title is #wash'.

One of the best nights I have had this year was on Friday, one of the reasons was I was alone in my room (which though I live alone is rare a thing these days, I always seem to have someone around), and so I had time, serenity and space to mediate, listen and feed my mind. I started the evening by going through a new set of spoken words I acquired and for the first time in soo long, I found myself deeply ministered to, it was like God led me to the particular videos I kept opening. As I listened to the words, my spirit soared, I found myself fall on my knees and cry out to God, thing is I have some things bothering my heart and I mention them to God now and again but as I watched those videos, I knew it was time to gracefully kneel and cry out and as I did, I found peace, I saw love, I felt warmth. And Just as I about to sleep I came across a video of Janette..ikz of P4CM, voila! She was married....