Sunday, August 30, 2015

It Wasn't Easy....But God came through for me

Deep Sigh!

      I planned to write this on Friday night but I was too wired then and so I told myself I was going to write it on Saturday but Saturday, - yesterday - became one of the worst days of my life. Yesterday, a friend had multiple spasms (and when it started, we were alone in my room). The seizures were so bad that it was impossible for three boys and two girls to hold her down. I couldn't even pin down one of her legs because it became heavy.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

'.....and that Peace'

When was the last time you felt peace in a great storm?
Mine was last night!

         Something happened to me on Friday and it was in truth, very scary. But as at that time, I was not perturbed. But then last night, something shifted, it was like the reality of the situation and what it may turn out to be, hit me strong and I lost it...Lost all control, all restraint, I began to panic. I wept! I tried to pray, I really tried but I couldn't find the words (nor tongues), I was weak. I gave into the storm.