Saturday, February 28, 2015

First and Last post for the month of February... A Review #15for15challenge

I just realised today is the last day of the month of February and I haven't written anything for the blog this month. Mehn! *coversface in shame*..... guess my only excuse is that I'm too busy to sit and write, there's always that urgent thing to do especially because I work best (more like strive) at '11:59' (reason why writing mojo just finally popped up).

Sorry blogville, life has been crazy!

How has February been? Uhmm, in one word, I'd say crazy. Really, it's been crazy.

In this month, I ate more raw garri (no water, no sugar, no salt - nothing added) than I have ever eaten in my entire life.

Friday, February 6, 2015

I Had an Accident that broke my knee

I had a minor accident on Tuesday and since then I have been having problems walking, bathing and holding biro as I have injuries on my palm and on my knees.
The accident has put me in a reflective mood (you know, genius is born in time of depression, desperation or incapacitation...hehe). In the reflective mood, I learnt that I shouldn't kill myself for things that would go on with or without me. When you are dispensable, Act wisely and cautiously. Give your best but keep your sense.
This period has also enabled me redefine some relationships but the most important lesson of all is Your Sh** could be someone's roses.