Wednesday, January 29, 2014

About Spiritual maturity

2Cor8:10-12 "Someone who thinks it is wrong to eat this food will see you eating at a temple restaurant, for you know there is no harm in it. Then he will become bold enough to do it too, although all the time he still feels it is wrong. So because you 'Know it is all right to do it', you will be responsible for causing a great spiritual damage to a brother with a tender conscience for whom Christ died. And it is a sin against Christ to sin against your brother by encouraging him to do something he thinks is wrong. " TLT

Over time I have come to truly understand that they are levels of Christianity; some people are baby Christians, some teen Christians while others are adult Christians and the level of our Christianity is dependent on the amount of word at work in us (not the amount scriptures you can quote or how long you can pray or the amount of bible translations you have but the level of your dependability on Christ and His word ( I mean the extent to which you have grown enough to realize that you can do absolutely nothing by yourself but that with Christ you can do exploits and His word in your life is what truly matters).
Spiritual maturity is dependent how much the word has gotten past your flesh and senses to embrace the word in your spirit and how much you obey and walk in what you learn. To grow, we have to consciously choose to die to the flesh and always obey the Lord's instruction even if it doesn't make sense.
Yes! Spiritual growth isn't about your good deeds (works) but about the level of intimacy you have with God.

Like any other kind of growth, spiritual growth is a process and so everyone of us was at one time a baby Christian (still being tossed around by the words and doctrines of men).

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Are we really living as Christ disciples should live?

How would it be if the only messages preached are those centered solely on Christ?

What if pastors teach only Christ? I mean Just the Man - Jesus -, how he lived on earth, what he did on the cross, his love, the efficacy of his blood, or grace through faith in Him - Jesus.

What if we stop hearing teachings of prosperity and success? What if we all stop being Christians because of what is in Christ and instead be Christians because of who he is. I mean can we love Jesus and be his disciples because of His personality, his authenticity, His Love and what He did on the cross and not because He can heal us, provide for us, make us prosperous, or do miracles. Let's just love the Man and not the signs and works.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Whoever said Christianity is Hard lied

The beauty of a personal relationship with God is that you can fellowship with him regardless of the state you are in. That has it's root in the fact that God loves us in spite of us - our sins and flaws, not because of what we are or have or what we could become but in spite of our past, our messy dirty nature, in spite of the fact that we may never utilize the power in us, or use our potentials or fulfil destiny, in spite of our shortcomings, in spite of You - the real inner you - in spite of me.

He loves and longs for us so Come to Jesus as you are, Just as you are; with all the weight, pain, hurt, questions, flaws, faults, imperfect perfections, even if you just fornicated or had an abortion, even if you just stole, lied, cheated, or even if you just raped someone, Just Go to him and trust me on this, He'd gladly, most willing welcome you into his embrace. God needs no perfect being, he just needs one who wants to Love him.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Forgive or Not?

It's hard to accept that it happened to me.
Why did it?
Why me?
It hurts and I wish it away.
Don't they feel like they did wrong?
Why treat me this way?
It's like a dagger tore through my chest.
Now I'm left with not just the pain to deal with but also the choice on how to live from now on.
Love or hate?
Forgive or revenge?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Word for the year.

The Year has began in earnest and amid the theme's of our various churches and the Word God has given each of us personally for the year, I'm led to write down for you two of my most recent favourite scriptures.

(TLT-the Living Translation) 'And as you have trusted Christ to save you, so also trust him for your everyday problems. Live in vital union with him.'

I'm more into the first part of that verse that says (in my own words) that If you can trust Christ Jesus to save you then you can also trust Him for any of your other problems.
If Christ can save you, me, us all from eternal damnation and from the hands of the devil; If He could shed his Blood for us and Freely forgive you of all your sins and continually intercede for you as he is sitting at the right hand of God and showing him his nailed hands and feet in other to remind God that he has paid fully your debt; If God could rescue the Israelites from Egypt and Part the red sea; If God can feed the birds of the air and if he can clothe the lilies of the field and make them more beautiful than even Solomon in all his glory then what problem, what challenge, what obstacle, what bondage, what storm will God not take away from you, rescue you from or grant you faith and strength and grace to handle?