Friday, January 23, 2015

15 for 15 challenge: INTRODUCTORY POST

Hey guys! I know I have been MIA. I apologize. I have been trying to reach a level ground, been having internet issues plus my writing mojo seems to die down every time i get to school. Oh yea, for those who didn't know, i'm back to school and it's been craaazyyyyy! Trying to give details would be like writing a novella so let's just skip the intricacies okay? All you need to know is GOD is AMAZING and i'm effectively been effective or trying to be as effective as possible in all my responsibilities and priorities, and so far, i'm killing it well blogging excluded but soon to be included.
I got a lot on my mind to say but i'd keep most of it for the next post because it is perfect for the next post. What then is this next post about? it is the 15 for 15 challenge.

Basically, the 15 for 15 challenge states that all bloggers involved would take up the challenge of writing on a particular theme throughout the year, with at least one post every month. I'm up for the challenge and so, this is my introductory post where i get to tell you guys what i'd be writing on for the challenge (mind you, it doesn't affect normal blog activities, jut that every time you see a post with title '15 for 15 challenge' you would know the subject i'd be writing on).

In the next one year, i'd write at least 15 posts on HOW I'M DEALING WITH SCHOOL and 15 GRATITUDE'S. This school year is a big deal for me. I have final year thingy, Google responsibilities, Fellowship Responsibilities and I just started living alone for the first time in my whole life. So, for this challenge, i'd be briefing you on how well or not well i'm effectively managing all - balancing my time, disciplining myself, hitting my goals and the lessons i get in my journey (Can you imagine? A friend told me on Saturday that this year is my industrial training for real life, like dah!) and also, in every 15 for 15 challenge, i'd write 15 things i am grateful for and/or 15 thank you's to people.

Warning: Since this 15 for 15 challenge posts would come majorly once a month, it has the tendency to be a very long but mightily interesting tale (I bet you, my life is interesting, hehe!).

PS: Duru, you put me up to this, so make sure you bug me to see it through!

I'm not so relaxed at the moment so I would rather not write about the stuffs i have in mind because i feel in this state, i wouldn't drive the points home!

PPS: if you are a blogger and you want to join in this challenge please read :

I Promise, This blog would not suffer this year. I'd keep the tempo high but do bear with me as i try to reach a level ground.


  1. All the best dear with school struggles
    I really like the way you're approaching things. You will be fine, I can see it
    And I can't wait to read about your tales :)

  2. Oooossshhhheeey. My Pastor Partner in crime is in the challenge... its official people, this challenge is gonna be a very ghen ghen something **shines teeth.. Oshey! Now you know you are one of my most favorite bloggeres nah Itimi, so amma gonna be pursuing you like ant does sugar.... **winks... in other news, please dont sweat the life issues, you are a survivor. Bubba, you will Ace this Life IT... **winks... in the words of Pastor JdB.... The lord is our muscle all through the challenge...Cause with the theme you guys are bringing ehn, afraid e haf start to catch me. :)

  3. I shall be on your case too even though you didn't ask...:-(

  4. Hiya Pastor partner in crime.. Biko where is the 15-for-15 main January post nah Bubba?! Come on Itimi, we are waiting. You do know it is a crime punishable by Blogsville police :) to starve your readers of your ever scintillating posts, dont you?.. **Wears sad face.

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