Tuesday, September 22, 2015

To fall in love is the greatest of all

When I’m in love with someone, the person slowly becomes the most important person in my life. It makes me ‘stupid’ because I pay attention too much; making sure that nothing I do upsets him. He smiles, I smile. He gets moody, I get moody. There are lots of people I love in my life but when I’m in love, it’s different. I love you and may not want to spend all day with you or all night talking to you. I love you but if I piss you off, I may just run away until you get over it. I love you and I may not think about you when I’m making my plans or choices. But it’s different when I’m in love because for everything I do, I think of how it affects him.
For everything that happens, he becomes the first person I want to gist about it. The first person I want to talk to when I wake up is the person I’m in love with. The last person I want to talk to before I sleep at night is the person I’m in love. For real, in a way my life begins to revolve around that person.
This difference, this comparison is the reason a lot of us Christians do not have a steady relationship with God. Too many of us love God but have not gotten to the point where we can say we are in love with God and so in a lot of ways, we don’t pay attention to Him.
  • Some of us love Him like a parent; We go to Him only when we are in need (of provision or advice). We have conversations with him but reserve the entire gist for our friends. 
  • Some of us love Him not just like a parent but also as a friend; We spend a lot of time with Him, gist with Him and stuff but once the lover comes in, our friends can shut up and get out of the room. 
  • But only a few us have gotten to the point where God is also our lover – the public and secret companion. The one we ask to cuddle with us when we are feeling lonely. The one we share all of our dreams and doubts with. Our first thought in the morning and last thought in the night. The first person we tell any good news and bad news. 
But here's the thing:
God wants to have an INTIMATE relationship with you. He wants to hear not only your pleas but also your thoughts, He wants to converse with you. He wants to hear you ask questions and for directions. God wants to be your first call when you are in need of advice, correction or just pruning. He wants to be your first call when you are feeling lonely, down or even excited. He wants to laugh with you, cry with you. He wants to be your Father, your friend and your lover. He is crazy about you; He hopes you would get crazy about Him too.

Believers need to stop being comfortable with a mediocre relationship with God. We need deeper; we need more, more of Him, more of Love – God. More!!!
Move beyond the foundation; build on your intimacy with God. Be His Lover; Let him get comfortable sharing deep deep secrets with you.

The bible says repeatedly in the book of John that 'if we love God, we would keep His command', because in truth, When we really care about someone, we try never to hurt them or make them sad. When we really care about someone, we have the tendency to say yes to every request and give all the attention just to make them happy. 
Same thing should apply to God; If we really care about God, we wouldn't want to hurt Him, rather we would do everything within our power to ensure that he is Happy with us. If that means us letting go of some habits, reckless fun and some friends, then we would. If that means us living right, doing the right thing and ensuring that we study our bibles and pray ceaselessly then we would. 

All it takes for us to live a righteous life is to love God. When we love Him, everything other thing follows from us naturally; When we love Him, we naturally want to please Him. When we love Him, we begin to find it easier to love people too. When we love Him, doing His will becomes easier. When we love Him, we begin to see ourselves in a different light and as we spend more time we God, we begin to carve our identity in Him.



  1. I'm always blessed by your pieces , lovely one as always

    Meanwhile it's the first time I've been patient enough to go through the process of commenting , it's sweeting my borri !!!!!

  2. We believers see God as the last resort when all odds fail. It shouldn't be. A closer relationship with God boosts our walk with him on a daily basis. He hears us. He speaks to us. He guide, direct and counsels us. We become his Favourites - yes he has Favourites. This happens when we whole heartedly love Him.
    A nice piece Peace!

  3. wow, this is really great. love! love!! love!!! we only remember love when it's between we and friends but we never really come to think of a greater lover who really really wants us.we must come to terms with this because only then can we find true love and satisfaction in Life. Thumbs up

  4. **deep sigh... Dear Itimi, I dunno you as much as I want to yet yeah.. But if i know anything about you ba.. Then it is that your love for GOD is unwavering.. and un-measurably true.. I mean It amazes me how you, Princess, Ayo and Tomi LOVE GOD so deeply..Some days I wonder if your kind are human and feel all the pressures of life.. But then reading this post just makes me realize that of a truth you are human.. But the difference between me and you is that you are a human who has made the right choice..

    I cant say I understand how you love GOD so deeply.. but what I can say is that I feel it in your writng.. and maybe one day someday yeah, I will feel this deeply too.. But in all you do Pastor partner in Crime.. My only request for you is that you Do not lose the light..

    Weldone Nne.. GOD bless you Richly.. As this was an Apt read.. Omo ehhnn!! ah! E enter my head wellllaaaa shhhaaaaa...

    P.S; This line hit me the most Bubba.. The line that went;

    'Too many of us love God but have not gotten to the point where we can say we are in love with God"

    and to it I am like True Bubba.. Sincerely true... Cheers.

  5. Such a powerful piece. Being in love with Christ is the greatest thing a believer can experience. I totally agree.

    Thanks Duru for sharing the link with me. It is such a blessing. And soon, you will experience more of God, Amen.

  6. Oh wow. I feel like this was written for me. 😢
    I have a lot of things I want to say but then, I'ld just go ask for God's mercy and become his lover. Great write up, Itims!

  7. Me like it... Me falling inlove with God

  8. Great post! I was reading this article with pleasure! I'd like to add that ALL people need a relationship! https://kovla.com/blog/relationship-is-a-need-too/ it made me sure! Read it too, I know that you will find in it smth you are looking for! Good luck!

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