Saturday, May 16, 2015

GUEST POST: Are you a FAST leader?

Are You A F.A.S.T Leader?
“Too many leaders are like travel agents. They are sending people to places they’ve never been” – John C. Maxwell

The mechanism of the entire universe cannot be complete without leadership. It is applicable in
virtually all jurisdictions; Schools, organisations, family, etc. On a lighter mood, even the animal
kingdom has a form of hierarchy.
At creation, God gave man the commandment to rule and dominate. This shows that there is an innate character of leadership in every man that needs to be harnessed.
When it comes to leadership, John Maxwell is a really an authority and I follow him hard. I have
learnt a lot from Him and still learning.

The only Key to success is ....

I learnt something recently: 'Keep the Grace factor aside a bit' anyone irrespective of their beliefs, ideologies and religion, can succeed in anything (be it something they like or not), if they put their mind to it.

In the last three weeks, I have seen me just do it.... no matter how annoying or unpleasant or uninteresting it is. And every time I break through my limit just to get it done, I'm reminded that we have in us the innate ability and capacity to do and succeed at anything. We just have to want to bad enough. There's no limit.... The limitation you see is just in your head, if you can break out in your mind, and be willing to work your as* off to achieve your dreams, you would get there..
If only you are disciplined and determined enough.