Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fuel your passion.....Use your gifts!!! (15for15challenge)

A couple of weeks ago I was at Oleh in Delta State to deliver a training on Digital Marketing. While my team guys were setting sound and making sure the hall was ready, myself, and two other people went outside to set up our roll up - very tall banner.

For minutes on end, we kept struggling to set the banner up but every time we tried it fell back because none of us was tall enough to hold the tip. When I saw we were struggling too much, I called a very tall friend to come help us and in 10 seconds, the banner was up.

I was highly impressed. Not just he did it but because He (one person) did effortlessly what myself and two others had been battling with for minutes. At that very moment, the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance "the easiness found when we work in line with what we are made for.'