Monday, December 30, 2013

Thank you

First let me apologise for any typo you may find here,  I just spent 2hours+ writing this and I'm too spent to proofread this long post.

Deep Sigh. Today is the last day of the year 2013 and since the year began to draw to a close, I haven't thought of this year without the Words "FROM GRASS TO GRACE" popping up in my mind and spirit.

Truly, God has brought me from dirt to glory. He has removed me from the grass and en-graced me. He has washed me clean and clothed me with the robe of righteousness, one I am very unworthy to wear but for His Grace and His LOVE.

I started this year being in dirt, I was seriously filthy (i'm still really filthy though). My life was one with endless episodes of stupidity, drama and absurdity. Right now, I can laugh at how dumb I was but then it wasn't funny at all - it was my life, I was liking it, living it and I was draining.
Oh! I had given my life to Christ months before but I wasn't life the Christ-like life. I'd cagbash in tongues today in church and immediately I get home I forget whose presence I had come from.
A couple of times, I'd cry and beg God to help pudge me of the ish, I'd feel PEACE and empowered to overcome but five seconds later, I'm back where I left off.

By the middle of the year though, I found my feet in Christ. He taught me about Grace, showed me his unconditional love and I just couldn't help but drown in it. As I sank deeper in Christ, My ish's dissolved, the Holy spirit has been dealing with me non stop and even thought sometimes it feels like I'm just running in circles and I fall back and forget whose I am, He is still there.

I started this blog in August on impulse and Five months after, It's waxing strong, I am waxing strong.
I've grown so much in such a short time and I'm awed. God is just awesome and I know he has a glorious future awaiting me.

This year has been my most eventful year ever,- From doing stuffs I never thought I'd ever get involved in, to Finding Christ amid my stormy rocky stupid life, to starting this blog and using my gift of writing to bless and inspire people down to meeting amazing, super amazing people on ground and mostly over the internet, to having a closer relationship with my family and friends, to finding purpose and discovering how to use my passions and ambitions to fulfil purpose, down to all the super lessons God has taught me via personal study, fellowship, books, messages, blogs, friends, life itself etc
I have grown immensely in such a short time and my potentials are jejely jejely becoming kinetic.
I am grateful and I see a glorious future.

So in the light of feeling extremely grateful, I want to use this channel to Thank everybody that made my year. I may not be able to mention all the names but you are all truly appreciated.

First of all, My appreciation goes to the most important person in my Life, God Almighty. Daddy I love you beyond words or alphabets is capable of describing. You've been too good, you've been to good, daddy, you've been too good. I am undeserving of your grace, I am not worthy of your Mercy much less your Love.
I am Just grateful, Grateful for your faithfulness and Love. Grateful picking me amongst others and choosing to glorify your name through me. I humbled and honoured and grateful for choosing me to be your channel, to bless and inspire people within my sphere of influence. Daddy, Thank you.

To the next most important person in my life, My Mum - Mrs P.N. Itimi.
Mummy G, I don't even know how to start, I just know that if it weren't for you I wouldn't be here. You've loved me most unconditionally. You work yourself day in day out, sweating just to make sure I don't suffer. Your zeal for God is Something I admire. I know we've had our rough times, but I Love you beyond and above.
I'm like you in a lot of ways, from my Face to my stubbornness down to my resilient, independence, tolerant nature and more.
We'd probably piss each other off again today but I know the love we have for one another is something that can never be washed away. You've always been there and I know if everybody else leaves, you are the one person that wouldn't ever leave.
Mum, your labours will not be in vain, Rejoice you must, celebrate you must. I'd make you proud mum. Thank You.

To my Brother, My one and Only Brother and true sibling. I love you sha. I don't even want to admit it at times but I love you and I know you ALWAYS have my back, you'd always protect your handbag, you'd always have my best interest at heart. Even with all the Fights and quarrels I know you'd always ran as fast as you can to my rescue any day any time.
Every time we avoid mumsi's wahala together or look for her trouble together and wonder how she managed to train two nut cases, I can't help but love you more and not wish for a better bro.
Shoot! My husband better have sense oo, otherwise your teasing will kill me (anyway, I fear not, if he's my husband then he is able). I love you bro, big time.

My Father, Engr E.A. Itimi. Thank you for teaching us in your own way how to be strong, how to work hard and know that in the end, we are all we have. Digwo sir.

Okay! You guys should give me a moment. I need to clean this tears. Hehe!

To my Friends in no particular order:

Jay, I love you to bits. You are the elder sister I always wished I had. You are my rock, my anchor and I know no matter how much I annoy you, you'd always have my back. Jay, you are the most selfless person I have met so far and though it scares me a lot and puts a lot of pressure on me to reciprocate, I'm honoured to be a receiver of benefits of your big heart.
When I had too much on plate, you are the one person that forgets herself and instead pours her whole being to helping me out. You've taught me more than you can imagine. I love you too much and whether distance, problems, life likes it or not, I'm your friend for life.
Thanks for always taking my sh**, thanks for always being there and for all the times I hurt you, I'm sorry. I can't promise I won't annoy you ever again ooo (I know I will :p) but I can promise I'd always love and appreciate you especially for all those little things like sending me money when I'm broke and buying me Pringles or taking my side in arguments because I'm your daughter. *Big hug*

Ese, craze girl. You made UDSS bearable. Today, tomorrow and forever I won't forget our Kehinde and Taiwo days or when teachers would be discussing our matter in staff room, or the times we formed lies to tell both our mum's while growing up. I love you babe and amid your mumuness (:p) you rock to bits and I forever appreciate you.
A special thank you for making my 18th not suck, if not for you I'd have probably laid in bed and cried all day that day.
Thanks for always having my back and being ready to help when I call.

Ejay, *smiles*. Saying I love you is an understatement sef but I'd say it all the same, I love you girl and If I'm to believe that one person is capable of changing your whole life, I'd say you are that my one person.
I can't remember the core times in varsity or the core events that has changed my perspective in life without remembering you. Biggie, You've taught me a lot (good and bad alike :p :p :p) and I appreciate you.
Before I did, you saw my potentials and you've always told be I can be great. You are like my number motivator and you challenge me more than anybody else.
For making me learn to not just read but buy books and Cd's, I say thank you. For teaching me to listen to audio messages and books, I say thank You. For crying with me and for the kind and encouraging words you said when I needed it most, I say thank you.
Whatever happens in time, I'd never forget you, I'd never stop loving you and I'd always appreciate you.
Shoot! I don't think any other person can bring the amount of drama you brought into my life. Hehe! I love you Dear, always and forever and I really really appreciate you.

Layefa, My baby. You loved me even when I didn't love you. You were there to comfort and to help me bear Jay's annoying times. You taught it's really possible for a human to love you above and beyond even when all you do is hurt them above and beyond.
I love you for your caring big heart, I love you for your troubles and wahalas, I love you for you. I just love you senseless. And if there's one person I don't ever want to lose as a friend, it would be you. You cared above and beyond and I know that I didn't deserve it, You really loved me sincerely but I didn't appreciate it as I ought to. I'm sorry for all the times I made you cry and I'm glad for the times I made you laugh.
Sweets, I love you today, tomorrow and always. Please do and graduate from your school fast oo, I miss you.

Osas: Before I say anything, know that I'm still beefing you :p.
We could have been closer than we are but I choose to believe God didn't want it so, regardless I love you very very very very much and you'd always mean a lot to me.
You were the first person I ever opened up to and though you didn't respond as I wanted, you listened. I couldn't shut up because you gave me your maximum attention and made me feel really important. Thanks for that, I can't forget. But more, thank you that this year you chose to be a better friend, I really do appreciate the effort and I want you to know I'd always care about you and whenever you need me I'd be here, there or wherever for you. I am your Friend for Real.

Joy, I am still trying to figure out whose more crasy, You or Ese? Uhmm. Anyway, Just as Ese, you made senior secondary school days rock and even after secondary school, you are still there. I go for weeks without calling you but you not get angry or hurt (for too long), no beef, no kpomo, no ish at all and I appreciate your understanding, your big heart and your amazing personality. Your Future would be great, No fear.

Dimanche ijeh, My bestie of life. I love you bro, I really really really do and it seems that no matter what happens you are always there (*big hug*). I can't even pin point the exact moment I started loving you like this but I just know that even when I went to abk, I always told everyone that I have one male bestie in benin and his name is onyeka.
Seeing you always makes me smile (oya, stop blushing) and I know that I'd always be your friend. I love you muchly.

Ikebengho, My secondary school sit mate turned varsity course mate. Thanks for being my number friend in MBC, your being there makes the place bearable and for all the Clive marriage gist (coversface) you had to listen to in secondary school, thanks a lot. You mean much to me bro. I love you.

OluwaChisom, I'd just start with a BIG THANK YOU. Thank you for all the times you listened to my nonsense, thank you for all the times you prayed for me, thank you for helping me learn to Talk personally with 'Daddy', thanks for that day in your room with isioma, it's a milestone in My journey.
I love you eh, like I love you wella and whether you like it or yes, You'd forever be in My heart. I really really really really really really really really really really really really appreciate you and I pray God grant you your innermost desires.

Shoot! I didn't know I had this much friends, I haven't even gone half way. *cleans sweat*

A Big warm heartfelt thank you to all who has ever opened my blog, read, commented on, or/and shared my Posts.
You guy's make me feel fulfilled, you make me happy. Your testimonies, Your comments, Your Emails, FB messages, DM on twitter always encourage, bless and inspire me a lot. You guys make me want to be better, you make me crave growth, You make me humble. I'm honoured to be a channel of Blessing and Inspiration to you all.
At times, when I am down I check my emails,my screen grabs and comments on here and your compliments, testimonies, encouraging words, criticism & correction always lighten me up and reminds me of why I have to write, why I have to keep learning, it reminds of how much God is loving and using me. God bless you.

Suzanne love, Your friendship is like a breathe of Fresh air. I'm still very glad that you decided to stalk me (yes, this is my story and I'm going to stick to it :p). I love you girl and knowing you has been an icing to my year. God bless

Eloxie, Big sist. I'm still very wowed at your big heart and sensitivity. I'm not sure I'd be able to forget the first time you DM'ed me and I'm not sure I'd stop bragging about to my friends hehe.
God bless you for me plenty plenty. I pray for you all the time and whatever you desire most, God will grant.
Thank You for making my Walk with Jesus easier, Thanks For being a message, an inspiration, thanks for being you.
Please don't ever stop blogging, please.

Abraham and James Melbin, You guys rock. Your zeal to be a blessing to our generation is something I admire. Thanks for always stopping by on here and always finding time to comment. God bless you both really good.

Dominion and Racheal, I love you guys a lot.  God will bless you so much, you won't be able to Handle it. Greatness is in you both.
Racheal I believe in You so so so so much and I know you'd fine.
Dominion love, you mean so much to me. Thanks for being someone that I can always count on. Thank you both for Always reading my posts. You guy's are like my biggest fans. God bless.

Adanoritsewo and Jerry Osama, I love you both senseless that I can't even understand or explain it.
Ada I want to say a big thank you for your love and friendship. In My 100l, you were one person that was always ready to listen to me with more than maximum attention, you always make me feel special and I really appreciate you. Babes, you are greatness, Your light will shine (I can't wait to start telling people that, that superstar is my personal friend *wink*).
Jerry, You inspire me, You challenge me.
Your brilliance, your intelligence, your zeal to succeed and Leave a mark on the world is something I covet. I know with all certainty that you would be great. The sky is your starting point. It's an honour to be your friend.

To My CFI people, I love you guys. I can't ask for a better fellowship, I can't ask for a more swagful, super amazing young people to grow in the Lord with. Pastor John, Prayor, Mama emua, Mama Faith, face2face peeps, prevailing crew peeps etc, you guys are the best. I am Proud to be a CFite. CFI Delsu,abraka Rocks mehn.

Chux, I can't forget you oo. Even though we didn't work out, I want you to know that no matter what happens in our lives, I'd always love you. You rock and yea! I'm still your biggest Fan.

Kelv Eko, you mean soo much to me. You always flatter me and give me too much credit but it makes me want to grow and be better. I see you up there love and I know that whatever will be would be. You rock. Thanks for caring, thanks for your love and thanks for being one of my biggest fans.

Justice my twinny, the first friend and still the best friend I made in the faculty of BMS, Delsu. I love you bro, like a lot and I'm glad we met. Your future is so bright one needs to wear sun shades or risk getting blinded. I believe in you so much and more than anything else, thanks for always being there and listening to me when I really needed to talk to someone. Thanks for never judging and thanks for always cheering me up. We are going to leave a mark in MBC no doubt.

Hendy, hehe! I dnt even know how to express my thoughts or feelings towards and for you with words. I guess the summary is I'm SUPER glad we met and became friends, You mean so much to me hun and I really really really really appreciate your friendship. You taught me a lot (esp on Blogging and html). I hope sometime we can become as long as we once were. I miss you *sniff sniff*. I love you much dear.

Paul abievbode, we reconnected late this year and I can't be more grateful I met you. I believe in you dear and I know you'd bring a new definition to poetry and spoken word in nigeria and even africa.

Mama Faith, My one and only Sister's leader, I twale for you. You rock senseless.

Joshua, It's so nice to be your friend now eh. You mean a lot to me and I pray you keep waxing strong in Christ.

El-freda, My pinky. I love you to bits dear. It amazes me that someone could mean this much to me and yet we aren't even that close. I just love you and always and forever you'd always have a special place in my heart.

Lucian,You inspire me a lot. God bless you for the work you are doing in the lives of females - young and old. As you help people, so shall God help you. We are going to see sometime soon I hope. Until then and after then, continue allowing God use you and see how far he takes you. Bless your heart ma.

Anita, Abbe, Vwede, Pwaashino, Aga, Itua, lankyAbbie, jennyGoldie, maduabuchi, Benedict, annette and senior. Being friends with you guys has been one of the amazing things in my life.

Anita, I won't trade your trouble for anything. Abbe, thanks for caring, you rock. My own very Papa Vwede, thanks a lot for your prayers, encouragement and compliments. Thanks for Making Face2face awesome, being amongst you guys has contributed immensely to my growth.
Aga love, I care about you plenty. I admire your heart. God bless and Keep you.
Itua, your trouble and you begging for my chocolate is one thing that makes oceanic hostel livable.
Pwaashino, hehe! I didn't expect to mention your name but I did, means something yea? I like you a lot. You really cool.
Lankyabbie and JennyGoldie, I met you both on 2go two years ago and even though we still haven't meant, we are still friends and you guys mean a lot to me. I don't want to ever lose your contacts. Have a great 2014.

To the numerous bloggers I admire - E', Naijawife&hubby, Aby purpleheart, inthe, Eloxie, James, Abraham, Isaacsogo, sue, bella, lizzie, sykik, 1+the one, Charles etc etc etc. More grace!

Whew! *Cleans sweat*

To Mr Emeka nobis, Sam obafemi, Oluwole Inspires, Treasure Kalu, Chunu Teajay and Gemstone benin, may God bless and enrich you. You have contributed immensely in ways you may never know to my growth. More Grace!


To everybody on My BBM presently, thanks for understanding my need to send BC's. Thanks for being an amazing person (if you weren't, I'd have deleted you since hehe!).

To my Twitter Family especially the LA Family, I love you to bits. Twitter has been a part of my growth. My TL is simply amazing.

To google+ and Facebook people, I twale!

May God bless you all. 2014 will make 2013 look like a very big joke. Your goals will be achieved. You'd grow in the Lord. You be a better person. God will enrich you, favour you and bless you beyond your imagination.
You made 2013 my best year yet and so God will grant you your heart desires.
Much love.


  1. I want to let you know that you have successfully ended up washing me. You can proceed to dry me now... Hehehe.

    Anyways, you needed to see how I was scrolling down to see if my name was there.

    Blogging and Html... I was the worst teacher. This is a complete wash!

    But regardless, you've had more impact in my life this year than any other person. Family inclusive.. And well most of the positives on my blogs were about you to back that up.

    Just so you know, I can't wait to resume so we can work things out between us.


    Happy New year!

  2. I can imagine the depth of thought and effort that went into this legendary post. It's easy to see that you treasure relationships and you have a heart of gold. These two qualities will walk you far. May you continue to be a bright and shining light. Cheers.

    1. Philip, Great to see you. It's been a while.
      Thank You so much for such a touching compliment. I have read and re-read your comment countless times and it leaves me speechless everytime.
      God bless you dear.

  3. Wow...i truly wasn't expectin to see my name there *covers face* you're an amazing person dear, and sometimes u amaze me at the depth of your have a gift, and i see very great things in your future. Keep doing what you do dear! You are truly blessed and you are going to be (already are) a great blessing to sooo many people.

    1. Aby dear, your comment got deep into my heart. Thank You so much and Thank God more for his gift and wisdom in me.
      God bless you.

  4. Woo, I can't stop crying, am really touched, I knw u will always annoy me but I love u too much 2 care about d annoying tinz u do 2 me, I love u very. Me, mummy, boob,ejay, laye nd others re really blessed 2 ve u in our lives.tnx 4 been a part of my life

    1. I jus love you joor and if I dnt annoy you,who will?

  5. like i ve said n alwaz tot, "The sky is ur starting point"... U're awesome now i really dnt mind tryin to catch up. I remain ur biggest fan for life. "Hopefully what will be will be". *smiles* God bless your handiwork dea

  6. Candy ^_^. God bless your heart. You are loved beyond words and distance has been a barrier but you are always in my heart. It gives me joy to see you grow this much. With So much love in my heart I wish you everything good that comes your way and as usual I would be here Praying for you. MuchLove....

  7. Kuch! This Peace girl can like to be a talkative sha...ahn ahn.
    See how I was just strolling and reading and...waiting for her to clean the sweats [and tears], just for her to continue another round of talks. Lol.

    Really, this post was just making me smile...and blush. Hehe. You see, if you know how much I was surprised and appreciate your adding my name to the list ehn. Thank you very much, sista.

    You've always been a blessing to me in one way or another, since I met you...that's why I'm still happy for the day I first came across you.

    My wish is that next year will bring more blessings and goodlucks for all of us...and so we'll have more cause to 'sharpen' and bless each others the more.

    Till next year uh? God bless you, Peace. Thanks.

    1. Ahhaha! James, re u serious? I'm quite joor!
      I'm glad that something in me always inspires you, it's a privilege.
      Amen dear, God will en-grace to sharpen and then bless. Next year is great dear!!!!! I concor

  8. Chai people go begin run now, say I dey stalk person, no worry I have a plan come 2014. I love you too hun. May grace and mercy that God gives freely never disappear in your life.

  9. Wow! Swt write-up. Seeing dis got me tinkin about my frnds and jst reminded me of one frnd I miss so much. It has inspired me 2b a beta persn too

    1. Thanks dear, I'm glad I was able to inspire you.

  10. Wit dis write-up, my new year is defintely going 2b beta dan 2013 by God's grace. Speaking of racheal, I av not met her or know wat she luks lyk bt I really amire her, especially her tweets...Ik is definitely a swt listener

  11. Happy mega blessed new year in advance!
    And you were a student of Delsu? I attended Delsu too,Oleh campus. Woah! Small world!
    Cheers to greater things in 2014 yeah? Yes!

    1. Happy new year to you too.

      Yea I'm in Delsu, abraka campus. *really a small world*

      Thanks for stopping by

  12. oh my mentioned my name in your blog......thank you...thank you...God bless

    I wish you all the best in 2014...your best is yet to come.

  13. I really appreciate this post. May God continue to uplift you, Amen.

  14. I am blessed to have met you. Thank you dear. You are GREAT. Aga.

  15. Awesome write dear, You are definately a blessing to this generation. Your writes always have the special effect of inspiration to it. Wish you the best in the coming year. Cheers

  16. HI peace, it's been a while. Thanks for the mention. I'm glad i met a great woman that you are. Keep doing God's best and keep waxing strong

    1. Abraham, it's been a very long while indeed. You haven't been posting frequently on your blog, hope all is well?.
      Thank you for the compliments.

  17. Wooooooooow!!!! Hehehe!! Oh my!!!!..Sigh# Thank you so much peace!! And thanks for rocking 2013 with me..You've always been there! God bless you much!!Your best days are ahead!! Thanks again my sugardingbing..Winks# scratches head* why did my admirer commented on your post with the anonymous thingy na# so vexing# Okay no more jokes...Thanks for admiring me,even if i know you not too..Am glad.#swollen head#..And i love you(Boy/Girl)....Happy new year dearies! Once again gracias peace!! Keep on shining....! More grace sweet!

  18. You're a blessing sis.Wish you the best of 2014.God bless


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