Saturday, August 31, 2013

Life is A Process

I have lived just about 18 years on earth but I have experienced a lot - Good and BAD alike.
In all though, God has taught me that LIFE IS A PROCESS and that there's a lesson in everything (and a reason for everything).
I have come to realise that everything I have had to go through has been for a reason.
I know now, that my issues hasn't just been for me to deal with something but for me to GET something out of it FOR TOMORROW.

Life is a Journey.
Life is a Process.
Life is in Stages.
Life is full of Lessons.
Life is about experiences.
MY LIFE is for a Reason.

God is amazing.
He makes us (makes me) Go through ish's because he knows we need the experiences to be able to deal and handle our Tomorrow.
I'm certain now that, .it is not just Is.
I know now, that I am what I am today because of what I went through (Good and Bad) Yesterday. I would be what I would be tomorrow because of what I'm going through today.

Hey people, you going through an Ish today?
You dealing with this serious issue today?
You feel like you shouldn't have to be this and that? That you shouldn't have to be the one dealing with it all?
You going crazy because you feel it is too much for you to handle?

HE is still GOD, from everlasting to everlasting and so, He'd see you through it.

Relax love, you'd come out of it STRONGER. Your story, your issues would Bless and help People.
You are going through it because God knows you can handle it.
Big challenges birth Great conquerors...

This issue, That issue Is a stepping stone. It is taking you to that next level.

Relax! God is not going to live you stranded.

This is a preparatory stage.

The bigger your challenges, issues and obstacles, The bigger your success and greatness.
Not everyone can successfully handle what you have handled, Not everyone is capable of your insight and strength and faith.
Not everyone is FIT for your issues.

You have this things to deal with because YOu can handle it, because of where YOU are going.

Relax and get as much lessons as you can.
God is with you all through.

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Visit to An Orphanage - The imprint it has left in My heart.|| An Urge For YOU to DO Something.

.I met Some Amazing people today..

They are all kids between the ages of 1 and 10 and they live in an orphanage home.

I and few of my friends embarked on a visit to an orphanage home today.
As the gate of the home opened, we were greeted with smiling faces of children, they all eagerly looked to see who had come into your abode.
As we proceeded to the reception to drop the items we went with and to get any information or rules we need to know and adhere to while we are there, a couple of the children ran to some of us and just hugged us (oh what Joy I know we all felt).

After the permission to play and interact with the kids were granted, we gathered around the kids, asked for their names and introduced ourselves. We then proceeded to play a few games with the kids.

The Joy that radiated from the kids touched me deep now, I saw how much of a home they had,filled with lots of brothers and sisters. They were eager to play games, to answer questions, they all wanted to be carried and played with -given special attention.
They did fight and quarrel, much like we all do with our siblings at home.
Miracle is one Boy I got really fond of, he was actually the first to hug any of us. He's in Primary one and about 6yrs old. He's smart and willing to be interacted with. I bet that boy would have lots of Friends. He didn't want to let any of us go, continually gripped my hand or someone else's why we were there.

Doris, an exceptional girl. Cute and very smart. She loves phones, immediately I got out my phone she took hold of it and began snapping everyone, she also played snake game with my phone. We talked a lot, also argued - hehe. she is one amazing child. Takes instructions immediately, then comes right back and does what you corrected her for :D.

Susan, a girl affected with down syndrome. She doesn't talk, only smiles. She's very fine even with her deformity. I couldn't help but weep in my heart.

Mercy, another child with an infirmity. She's fat,dark and fine. Always smiling, loves to play. She's hears very well but doesn't Talk, instead her words comes out as sounds (that one could be understood though). She loved my hand band, kept looking at it, then when I gave her, her smile broaden.

They was Jeremiah, Angel, Success, Deborah, lynda, osahon and a few others.

They all were kids full of smiles,without a care in the world. Eager to play and even to pray (As when we wanted to share biscuits for them, we gathered around each other and almost every one wanted to Bless the food and to Ask God to Protect and Guide us).


As we left the Home, a thousand thoughts played and fought for pre eminence in my head, a thousand words wanted to burst out of my mouth in expression of my feelings, but yet, Nothing came out. Yes! I was overwhelmed.

.This was my first visit ever to an orphanage home and it has left a lasting imprint in my heart..


As I lay down I write this, I'm Grateful for what I have. I'm thankful for my family, for my parents, For Me - just being me,as I am.

So many times, I complain about my parents, about my background, but looking at those kids today, I'm Grateful.

..I Know my biological Parents, I live with them, they Pay my Fee's, clothe me and feed me.
No matter how my relationship with them maybe, the issue is I have a Relationship with them. I know them and they know me and we are concerned about each other's welfare.

..Many times, I complain Life is unfair, because things don't Go the way I want. Yet! I know I have a future. I go to school and I know I'd be something great. I have HOPE for a better tomorrow.

..I get pissed when I don't find a particular food to eat, or when I don't have a particular clothe to wear. Yet, I'm not starved or naked.

...Today,I discovered that most of these kids in orphanage homes, ain't certain of a future. They live each day as it comes and are glad when someone steps in for a visit, for they know Food, clothes or gifts has come.
~Today, I am reminded of the children who didn't have the opportunity of knowing their parents, I'm reminded of the children who were dumped or who lost their parents at birth or very early in life.
~I am reminded of people,who live from hand to mouth. Who live each day hustling for food for that day.
~I am reminded of those kids that hawk. Those who steal,prostitute,smoke because they know no other way to live. Those kids who sleep under the bridges,and in uncompleted buildings. Those kids who are trafficked and can't come out of it because them being trafficked gives them food and shelter.
~I am reminded of those kids who live with their parents but yet haven't seen the four walls of a school before - Due to lack of finance.
~I am reminded of the widows who do not know what to do, because their husbands who is the bread winner has died.
~I am reminded of the young girls and boys who are into prostitution, armed robbery, kidnapping etc because they never had someone to give them advice, offer them kind words or give them hope.
~I am reminded of those kids who die in the process of hustle and yet never had someone preach the Gospel to them.
The list goes on and on.

.As I'm grateful for what I have, So have I decided to give these people Hope, to continually try and put smiles on their Faces, to Inspire and Motivate.

Be grateful of what you have, they are people that wish they had what you have.
You life is a bed of roses to someone out there.

I urge you, yes you reading this to Please, HELP SOMEONE TODAY.
~Reduce the size of your wardrobe and give those clothes to people who need them more.
~share your food
~Donate something, anything to an orphanage.
~Pay a visit and just put smiles on the less privileged faces.
~Help send someone to school.
~Get someone out of the street.
~Say A Prayer for Those who lack the little you have.
-Help support an NGO or a project that focuses on the people in slums, the orphans, the maltreated, The hawkers, The widows, the Less privileged.
-Volunteer, lend a hand.
-Give and idea
-Inspire, Motivate.
-say a kind word
-give a tip
-smile at someone
-Just DO something, Anything.

.your little effort could mean the world to someone.

The world would be a better place if we all agree to help our neighbours that we are better than.

.Our purpose as Christians on earth is to actually to serve God and help other people, to do good deeds.

?Please, Quickly Check eph2:10; james1:27; heb10:24?

.Love your neighbour. You can't love without helping, Without giving..


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Don't Stop Learning

Too many people suffer from "destination disease." In other words, they've reached a certain level or obtained a goal, now they're coasting in life off of what they've already learned.
Studies tell us that 50% of people, after they graduate from high school, will never read an entire book the rest of their life.
One reason is that people see learning as a period of life instead of a way of life. They think, "I'm out of school. I'm done with my training. I've got my job."
But, God never created us to reach one level and stop. Whether you're 90 years old or 9 years old, you should be constantly learning, improving your skills, and getting better at what you do.

The key is that you have to take responsibility for your growth.
Growth is not automatic.
What steps are you taking to get better? Are you reading books? Listening to teaching CD's? Are you taking any courses on the internet? Going to any seminars? Do you have any mentors? Don't just coast through life relying on what you've already learned. You have treasure on the inside. Develop your talent and become all that God created you to be.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Control your anger

A Professor was teaching about Proverbs 15:1 "A soft answer turns away wrath,but a harsh word cause quarrels"

He asked his students, "Why do we shout in anger? Why do people shout at each
other when they are upset?"
The students thought for awhile. One
said, "because we lose our calm".
"But why shout when the other person is just next to you?" Asked the professor. "Isn't it possible to speak to him or her with a soft voice? Why do you shout at a person
when you are angry?"
The students gave some answers but none
satisfied the Professor.

Finally he explained, "when two people are
angry at each other, there is a distance in their hearts psychologically. To cover the distance, they must shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are,the stronger they will shout to hear each other through that great distance.
Then the Professor asked, "What happens when two people fall in love?
"They don't shout at each other but talk softly. Why? Because their hearts are psychologically close. The distance between them is very close. The Professor continued, "When they love each other even more, what happens? They don't speak, only whisper and they even get closer to each other in their love. Finally they even need not whisper, they only look at each other and that's all...

So next time you shout on a loved one, know that you are creating distance between your heart and that person's heart.
So please learn to control your anger and the word you say when you are pissed off.

Make the world a better place and just Love.

"A gentle answer turns
away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Your company Determines You

"Show me your friends and I'd tell you who you are"

"Birds of the same feather Flock together"

"You are the average of the five people you spend you most time with" - Jim Rohn

Statistics and History has proven that you become like the people you spend most of your time with.


Was in deep thought today, when this hit me big!

It made go further in meditation and the end result was "Be careful your company, they determine to a large extent who you are and who you would become"

When I became friends with 'A', one could keep out just a handful of things we had in common but as days passed into weeks and weeks, month, the amount of things we had in common increased. Yes! We were rubbing off on each other.
The same goes for Me and my other friends and then, when I decided to look into Us as a group I realised that one could easily pick out things that WE ALL had in common. How did that happen? As when we just met, we were individualistic in majority of our ways and habits, but now, this individualistic habits and traits have slowly become what WE ALL DO.

No wonder, Parents always warn their kids about their friends.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, we influence our friends and vice versa and No matter how strong willed we may term ourselves to be, our defences crumble little by little with every passing moment we spend with someone, hence giving room for influence.

Look around you, are your closest Pals very different from you? Are their dreams and aspirations entirely different from yours? Are their perceptive of life and their pattern of thinking different from your's? Of cause Not! They are always similarities.

Infact, before you become friends with someone you look for a quality at least that they have in common with you or a quality you'd like to emulate and as the friendship grows, So the transfer of qualities accelerate.

All I'm trying to say is, Your company reflects who you are and who you'd be.


So here's the Main Ish.

Surround yourself with the kind of people that have qualities you'd like to have.
Surround yourself with people who have succeeded in the area you'd like to succeed.
Surround yourself with people with similar values and perceptive.
Surround yourself with people with positive attitude.

Make friends with, people with whom you can grow together
Make friends with those you can look up to
Make friends with people you'd be proud to show off
Make the Right Friends, The one's that can help to rightly define you.


If you are currently with the kind of friends that pull you back, that only take from you and have nothing to give, that fill the environment they are in with negativity, that lack the qualities you'd want to be associated with, that have different core values and perceptive from you, Then Please Run Away, Stay Away from them Or you'd find yourself, where you'd never wish to be.

God has your back always...
Jesus is the bestest friend you could ever have.

Be careful your company, They define you.

Debut on BASI: Child Abuse and trafficking

I Just published my debut post about Child abuse and trafficking on BASI (bloggers against social injustice).

Do check it out and leave your comments.

Co-editor at Bloggers against social injustice

I'm a new co-editor on the bloggers against injustice's Blog (
I'd be posting on Child abuse and trafficking, every 2nd Tuesday of the month.
Please, you'all check out the blog and leave your comments.

Let's fight against social injustice together.

Sand and Stone

Two friends were walking through the desert.

At a point in the journey, They had an argument and one friend slapped the other in the face.

The one who got slapped was Hurt, without saying anything he wrote on the sand:

.They kept on working until they found an Oasis,where they decided to take a bath.

The one who got slapped in the face got stuck in the mire and started drowning, his friend Saved him.

After he got recovered from the near drowning he wrote on a stone :

The friend who slapped and then saved his best friend then asked,

The friend replied



One Summer Night

The fact that Henry Armstrong was buried did not seem to him to prove that he was. dead: he had always been a hard man to convince. That he really was buried, the testimony of his senses compelled him to
admit. His posture -- flat upon his back, with his hands crossed upon his stomach and tied with something that he easily broke without profitably altering the situation -- the strict confinement of his entire person,
the black darkness and profound silence, made a body of evidence impossible to controvert and he accepted it without cavil.
But dead -- no; he was only very, very ill. He had, withal, the invalid's apathy and did not greatly concern himself about the uncommon fate that had been allotted to him. No philosopher was he -- just a plain, commonplace person gifted, for the time being, with a pathological indifference: the organ that he feared consequences with was torpid. So, with no particular apprehension for his immediate future, he fell asleep and all was peace with Henry Armstrong.

But something was going on overhead. It was a dark summer night, shot through with infrequent shimmers of lightning silently firing a cloud lying low in the west and portending a storm. These brief, stammering illuminations brought out with ghastly distinctness the monuments and headstones of the cemetery and seemed to set them dancing. It was not a night in which any credible witness was likely to be
straying about a cemetery, so the three men who were there, digging into the grave of Henry Armstrong, felt reasonably secure.
Two of them were young students from a medical college a few miles away; the third was a gigantic negro known as Jess. For many years Jess had been employed about the cemetery as a man-of-all-work
and it was his favourite pleasantry that he knew 'every soul in the place.' From the nature of what he was now doing it was inferable that the place was not so populous as its register may have shown it to be.
Outside the wall, at the part of the grounds farthest from the public road, were a horse and a light wagon, waiting.


The work of excavation was not difficult: the earth with which the grave had been loosely filled a few hours before offered little resistance and was soon thrown out. Removal of the casket from its box was
less easy, but it was taken out, for it was a perquisite of Jess, who carefully unscrewed the cover and laid it aside, exposing the body in black trousers and white shirt. At that instant the air sprang to flame, a cracking shock of thunder shook the stunned world and Henry Armstrong tranquilly sat up. With inarticulate cries the men fled in terror, each in a different direction. For nothing on earth could two of them have been persuaded to return. But Jess was of
another breed.
In the grey of the morning the two students, pallid and haggard from anxiety and with the terror of their adventure still beating tumultuously in their blood, met at the medical college.
'You saw it?' cried one.
'God! yes -- what are we to do?'
They went around to the rear of the building, where they saw a horse, attached to a light wagon, hitched to a gatepost near the door of the dissecting- room. Mechanically they entered the room. On a
bench in the obscurity sat the negro Jess. He rose, grinning, all eyes and teeth.
'I'm waiting for my pay,' he said.
Stretched naked on a long table lay the body of Henry Armstrong, the head defiled with blood and clay from a blow with a spade.

Ambrose Bierce

Monday, August 26, 2013

What a Friend we have in Jesus

I came across this Hymn again and this time it made more sense.
It's now I realise that I stress myself too much, think too much, worry too much when I could easily transfer the burden to Jesus in replacement for PEACE.

So many times, we cry and have aches over one problem or the other, going from here to there in search of help and solution, We forget that we have a Friend in Jesus who is Just A PRAYER AWAY, always Ready to listen and help.

Why carry the burden yourself, when a greater and the best Help is Available?

A picture once said "We find the courage to stand up when we kneel before the Lord" #selah

If You have forgotten That Jesus is always ready and Willing to come to our aid, no matter the situation, Then this is a reminder...

<b> "What a Friend we have in Jesus,
All our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer!
O what peace we often forfeit,
O what needless pain we bear,
All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer!

Have we trials and temptations?
Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged,
Take it to the Lord in prayer.
Can we find a friend so faithful
Who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness,
Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Are we weak and heavy-laden,
Cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Saviour, still our refuge-
Take it to the Lord in prayer;
Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?
Take it to the Lord in prayer;
In His arms He'll take and shield thee,
Thou wilt find a solace there."</b>

Still On Unconditional Love

"The most important thing in this world is to learn to give out love, and let it come in." ~Morrie Schwartz

Love is a strange and beautiful thing.
I always thought I knew what love meant. I grew up hearing the words all the time. It was on TV, in books and magazines, and people all around were saying it.
I thought I knew how to love. I mean, I told my teddy bear that I loved him because he kept me safe at night.
I told my sister that I loved her, only if she was nice to me and would play the games that I wanted.
But if I didn't get that new limited edition beanie baby, I felt differently for my parents. If my friends at school didn't give me the birthday presents I wanted, I felt
differently for them.

I seemed to only love the people and things that would give me something in return and that would allow life to go on the way that I wanted it to.
I never truly felt love, a love that was unconditional and all encompassing, until the day I first saw my dad cry.

My friends always tell me that my father is the happiest man that they've ever met. He greets everyone with open arms, and his smile is so big you can practically count all of his teeth.
The other day I came home, and my dad looked sullen, the smile usually spread across his face missing. He looked into my eyes and just collapsed into my arms, sobbing.
I could feel his sadness before I even heard the tears, from the way he put his entire body weight on me as if he needed help just standing, and the way he gripped me so tight like a child does with his mom on the first day of school.
My sister had just made a rash career decision that would leave her in a large amount of debt and temporarily unemployed. And my dad just didn't have
the money that she needed to help her out of her situation.
Growing up, my dad always told us that his one purpose in life was to give us the life that he never had.
And in his eyes, at that moment, he had failed.
You see, my parents are first generation immigrants from Vietnam. They come from impoverished families, both with more than 10 siblings each. Their journey to America is almost like a fictional tale to me, something
that they rarely talk about, with my dad escaping first, then my mom, aunt, and sister, who almost didn't even make it out alive.

At first, the American Dream wasn't all that it was made out to be. Yes, freedom rang, but so did the challenge of learning a new language, a new culture, a new way of making money and supporting a family.
But somehow, they did it. They raised my older sister and put her through college. They raised my aunt, and put her through college. They raised my twin sister and
me, and put us through college. And in the midst of all that, they found a way to sponsor all of their own siblings to emigrate to the land of the free.
It didn't come easy though.
They accomplished all of this, even if it meant working two (at times three) jobs. Even if it meant scrubbing floors, toilets, hospitals, classrooms. Even if it meant
working all day and night and surviving on only two hours of sleep.
Even if it meant tears and days where we all just cried ourselves to sleep.

Growing up, my dad gave me everything I wanted. He let me play sports, bought me nice clothes and toys, a new car-even if he had to sneak by my mother so that she wouldn't get upset about how much he was
spoiling me.
But at the same time, my dad expected straight As, and to succeed and excel in everything that I did. At times I would get so mad at him and scream and
complain about why he made me study so much when all of my friends were out having fun. His reply was always, "So you don't ever have to live a hard life like
I always wondered how my dad made it, how he and my mom brought up three successful children and stayed together through it all.
This year, my parents will have been married for 35 years, and to say they've been through a lot is an understatement. They made sacrifices that threatened
their relationship with each other, with their brothers and sisters, and even their own parents-all for us.
There is never a day that goes by where my dad doesn't tell me "I love you" before going to bed. It's with this unconditional love that keeps him going strong, and that keeps him smiling every day no matter how tough things can be.
I was blind to this until that day I saw my dad at his most vulnerable point. Looking at him, bent over in my arms like a little child, I realized that unconditional love does not come easy; it is something learned and
It is through the toughest times, the happiest times, and every single obstacle of life that you can discover new ways of loving.
I did that day as I held my daddy, my hero, in my arms. I discovered just how to finally let the love come in that my dad had been giving me for 22 years, and not question or find a reason for it.
My dad has taught me that to love unconditionally is to love with absolutely no boundaries. Even when it hurts, his love is never failing; it stays limitless, never

There are times in our lives when loving someone else seems nearly impossible because of the difficult situations that we find ourselves in. There are times
when we say harsh things to people we love just because things aren't going our way, or because they made us unhappy.
In these situations, we find ourselves putting provisions on love. We attach it to how others are acting, and whether they reciprocate the feelings we give to them.
We attach it to the circumstances and emotions that go on in a single moment.
We find ourselves holding back, fearful of being hurt, afraid to sacrifice a piece of ourselves. But what if we looked beyond all this and just loved?
Love because you're grateful for the things someone has done for you. Love because someone needs you, needs a friend to lean on during their struggles. Love
even when it is difficult, even when your mind tells you that you shouldn't.
Love by looking beyond people's faults, struggles, and whatever pain and hardships that life may bring.

This unconditional love is something that can so easily be given if we recognise it, and that can change someone else's life completely.
When we love and treat each other with the utmost care and attention, the little things that bother us seem far less overwhelming.
What would the world be like if we stopped looking to get something in return, and just loved unconditionally, for the happiness and inner peace it brings us all?

KC Dang

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Divided Heart | Final

Finally, here's the last part of this series. i'll like to remind you that All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely UN-intentional *********************************************************

Unshakeable Love

Laying in the dark
Thinking of all my slack
Wishing God would give me a knack
But yet,he still provides me with snacks

Wondering why I'm loved this much
When all I ever did was hurt,
I hardly even fellowship in his church
Yet I'm in his every thought

So many times I act unfaithful
Yet His Love is ever Steadfast
His gifts -which i worth not - are forever wonderful
It's not like I even Fast

I've been saved
Oh! It's by Grace
I'm always forgiven
Oh! It's called Mercy

He gives me what I don't deserve
He gives me not what I deserve

Everlasting Love
Forever Peace

I'm not worthy but he loves all the same.

Divided Heart | Part 6 Of 7

let out a little yelp, and my room mates gathered around me immediately. Dumb stricken, I let the phone fall from my hand – and someone picked it up and read the text out loud. They all went quiet for a while, and then started to talk all at once. Everyone had an idea on how to save the day, and each person felt their idea was best.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Path of Career Choice

So I am on my bed...staring at  Microsoft Word on my system. Ever had that strong feeling to write an article but don't know what to write about? ...that's the feeling. Exactly how I'm feeling at the moment.

It's funny because writing has never really been my thing. Well, like a thousand other young fellas out there, I have had a zillion other things I had wanted to do growing up.
The first I thought of was becoming a doctor. That one was so strong. It was as though it was my destiny. I couldn't at that time see myself doing anything else. But then came acting, modelling, dancing, media, the list goes on and on.
As at now, I still have a few more on my plate. There's photography, painting, and I still want to be an OAP (On Air Personality). But the bulk of my passion now lies with photography.

Photography is an interesting field, pretty much on the expensive side.  So that's on the low for now. 
Painting - doing that at the moment. I completed my 7th job today.  All 'job-no-pay' as my kid cousin would describe it. Let's just say I'm a nice guy who finds pleasure in pleasing people. Of course I would love to be paid for all my services and time but I just feel that since all 7 persons I have painted for are either family or close friends, they ought to drop whatever the lord lays in their heart. But since they do not, I don't complain. My reward is in heaven...LOL. 
As for being an OAP, I have tried and still intend to keep trying. I often rehearse shows in my head all in a bid to get better. It makes me look disturbed but hey, it's a small price I have to pay if I want to be better in this field. I did a demo with my cousin some months ago for a radio station in Benin. Two demos actually. But apparently, we weren't what they wanted at the time. They wanted, "already made stars".
In just two decades, all these careers have all come up on my plate. Who knows, a few more would come up over the years and maybe one or two from the older ones would actually be the career I would follow, one never know these things.

If you pay attention closely you'd see that, the ratio of the educational field to the non-educational field is a 10:1.
I have my BSc Physiology in view which in a year and half or two years most likely would be completed. Yet, in all of these so far, it wasn't mentioned. Contrary to what you might think, I have great love for my chosen field of study. But, three years from now, is that what I would be doing? A question I sincerely cannot answer. There is an awful lot of things to do out there. A thousand more would be created in a few more years, months maybe.

Leaving the shores of Africa, you would discover how much career choices one is open to aside the educational field. When you walk the streets of Benin-City, Edo State, Ring road to be precise, you would find a shocking amount of wasting workforce with the excuse of disabilities, lack of educational background and all what not.
No doubt, all these things are limitations but there is no crime in 'begging for a purpose'. Most of the beggars u see today do not beg for a purpose. Whatever money they make today is for today with the hope to beg for tomorrow by tomorrow. The very same reason I cannot for any reason give such beggars a penny from my pocket. Take a look at this other beggar. She begs for two days and gets a little over a thousand naira. She takes the money, goes to an evening market, uses a little from it for her dinner that day and buys some oranges and pineapple with the other depending on what fruit is in season at the time. On the morrow, she takes her fruits to the market and sells them. She gets a little over a thousand five hundred naira. Repeats the same pattern she did the previous day, but this time takes the commission she makes and uses it to buy an extra variety of fruits. She sells them and gets a better profit. She then adds pure water to her sales, then sweets, biscuits, and keeps adding as the gain increases. In a very short time, her income would have grown from a street beggar's to a small time business woman's. Now that's business, one that doesn't require education or personal cash.
You can become anything successful in life with or without an educational background. All one really needs is a functioning brain.

"If you want to hide knowledge from a black man, put it in a book".
Yea right! I'm sure a large percentage of you reading this article hear this a lot. Well, in a way, this might be true. Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of books. Guess the world can tell that by now judging from my list of future ambitions. But again, when I come across a good book or article, I definitely would read it. From a few lines and paragraphs maybe, I would be able to tell if it's a good book (or article) or not. I mean, you are reading this article now to this point. What does that say? This is a good article. That's why you have read it up to this point. *wink. But on a serious note, "don't judge a book by its cover"? pufffffffffffffffff! Why put good stuff in rotten package? Packaging is everything, that's the only reason books like "7 KEYS TO SUCCESS", "HOW TO GET RICH IN 5 SIMPLE STEPS", could ever sell past a thousand copies. Why would I want to learn success tips from a book? The irony of it all is that some of the authors of these funny books are not successful. They tell you all sorts of rules to follow when they do not follow those rules themselves, but it's all business. Business from an idea. An idea from knowledge. The knowledge that Nigerians would do anything to make money, idea to make a book to teach them how to make the money, develops. Whether its true or not. The sales of that idea, be it true or not, fetches money for the author.

.The most important thing to note in choosing a career is PASSION. Point number one. 'Where your treasure is, there lies your heart'. What you don't love, you can't excel in. This of cause, the whole world already knows. Gone are the days where children go to school and read courses because of parent's choice. Well, it's alright to spend six years maybe, reading a beautiful course even when your heart isn't there because, no matter what passion influenced field of study to choose for yourself, it's always good to have something to fall back to. And that brings me to point number two.
.A wise man once said, "Always have a contingency plan". Now, if I want to follow my photography dream full time for instance (which of cause I would), I would need capital to start up. Now being that we are in a not so yet 'modernised setting', and "my son is a photographer" is not yet what any parent wants to brag about their children of, you need that certificate as your pillar. Both to stand erect and to fall back to or even lean on. What I am saying in essence is, say your parents choose your career for you for instance, even if it takes six years to acquire the certificate, do it with all diligence. Get the degree, and please don't give the certificate to them as many would say. Keep your certificate. It took you years to do it even in boredom so u can as well keep the certificate. Of cause, because I need capital to start, I sure would need to endure a little more of the boredom by working for some years or a few more wit all diligence. You don't want to get fired because that would cut your goal short.
Now, while working, you begin to save your capital for the business you want to start because only a handful of parents would support any child at this stage after spending an awful lot of money to get you through school. When you think you have all the capital you need, it is still best you work some more while going about the career to still have another source of income until your career springs up fully. Then it is ok to start backing off from this point. This also brings me to my third point.
.Now this is for the guys. Let's be frank with ourselves, if u had a beautiful daughter, who is of marriageable age and comes home with a suitor who u begin to interview in getting to know him and find out he isn't educated how would you feel? Or a man who doesn't have a "decent job" as they would call it. No matter how much money the young man has, you still would not be that approving.

So this points out another importance of that job you are using as a means for your capital. For the purpose of marriage, you need to be a career man. Don't get it twisted. Your chosen field of career is still moving in full swing. All I am saying is, there has to be "a job".
.On point number four, you have to consider the life span of that career you have chosen. A few years back, cyber cafe's were the 'in-business'. Today, people barely leave their homes to access internet services. With the invention of modern gadgets-phones, pads, laptops, and the increase in computer literacy, people do not have to visit a cafe anymore to access the internet. Not even to print because homes now purchase personal printers. You have to think of a career that a very vast percent of the population need and that would be around for a long while. Photography has been around from the days of our fore fathers and is even appreciating in the market today and still would be for a very long time. So durability is something to be considered.

A career is a life time thing so mistakes in picking one is something you should want to avoid. I have run out of words here so I will leave you in the hands of God because he alone can direct you in the path in which you can never go wrong...

Chux Osakwe

Divided Heart | Part 5 of 7

Within one week of seeing that play, I re-discovered passions and hobbies I had thought lost forever. I would dream up some exotic activity in the morning and send texts to both of them – inviting them to ‘trip’ with me. Inevitably, ‘sandra would say no – and in fairness to her, suggest some other activity that she preferred. ‘cynthia on the other hand seemed to exist for me, and so we did all sorts together.

Divided Heart | Part 4 Of 7

As I turned around – almost in slow motion – to greet him, my heart prayed all sorts of prayers: that it was not really him, that power supply to coca cola spot would fail all of a sudden and I would disappear under the cloak of darkness, that he would be here alone – looking to grab a quick meal before heading back to his laptop.
I caught the smell of Omnia Green Jade for the second time in one night. As I extended my hand to ‘Ruki, I saw her. She was standing right behind him.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Divided Heart | Part 3 Of 7

I walked into coca cola spot a few minutes before 7pm. It felt wrong, criminal even, to sit at the centre-table where I met ‘Sandra exactly Three years to the day – so I chose a different one in the dimly lit corner. I sunk into my chair, acutely aware this was her favourite restaurant and she might walk in at any time.
Then she, the other she, arrived.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Divided Heart | Part 2 Of 7

I became confused. She would not say a yes, or a no. I was lost. I had been so certain all I needed to do to ‘formalize’ our relationship was just ask. Now, I had become the laughing stock of my friends. After all, how many guys ‘chased’ a girl for Two years? I prayed. I sang. I fasted. I thought. I dyed my hair. I got a new perfume. I changed bathing soaps. Nothing changed; well, maybe something did – my grades fell, alongside my self-confidence.
And then I met ‘Cynthia..

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Divided Heart | Part 1 of 7

All of a sudden, there was a lump in my throat.
Tears gathered in my eyes as I watched sandra cry, threatening to reveal the turmoil I felt inside. I swallowed hard as I fought the urge to put my arm around her shoulders and comfort her. I dug my fingers into the back of my chair till they hurt, willing myself to remain seated. It was better to let her cry, to leave her to settle this on her own.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

...About Unconditional Love

13 Things I've Learned About Unconditional Love

1. Unconditional love is epic. You can't earn it. You don't get to choose who receives it. It goes beyond all logic and exceeds your ability to understand it. It just is.

2. Unconditional love doesn't just apply to romance. While you may love your partner unconditionally, you may also unconditionally love your parent, your child, your best friend, or your ex-lover.

3. Unconditional love doesn't always make sense. You may unconditionally love your abusive, alcoholic mother or the brother who molested you or the husband who betrayed you. You may have every reason on earth to hate someone, but you love them anyway. That's how unconditional love

4. Unconditional love is boundless. By definition, there are no conditions on unconditional love. It is a gift someone doesn't have to earn. It's Divine love. It's a form of grace.
The person you love could become a drug dealer, form a prostitution ring, molest a child, and then kill someone - and you might not like what they've done, but you will still love them.

5. You can love the person unconditionally and still hate the behaviour. The person you love unconditionally may disappoint you in a thousand ways. But when you love unconditionally, you can separate the behaviour from the person, rejecting the behavior without rejecting the person.

6. Loving someone unconditionally doesn't mean being a doormat. Even if you love someone with this kind of epic Love, you don't have to tolerate bad behavior. If he cheats, it's okay to leave. If he hits you, it's okay to separate. If she tears you apart every time, you don't have to keep going home. You can love unconditionally and still set boundaries.

7. Unconditional love doesn't mean staying when you're unhappy or unfulfilled. Sometimes we unconditionally love a partner who isn't meeting our needs. Maybe your partner doesn't feed your soul, squelches your creative potential, and threatens to hold you back from living out your calling and reaching for your dreams. As much as having unconditional love for someone can enrich a relationship, the presence of unconditional love doesn't mean settling for less than you truly desire in life. Sometimes it's time to move on - and that's okay. It doesn't weaken the love or mean you're a bad person. You can leave, and even if you break someone's heart, you can still love that person unconditionally.

8. We enter into sacred contracts with those we love
unconditionally. We are here on earth with those we love
unconditionally in agreement to help each other grow. To
complete our assignments, we face challenges together.
How we navigate these challenges is part of what we're
here on earth to learn.

9. Unconditional love relishes the individuality of another being. When you love unconditionally, you love someone
for who they really are - not who you want them to be. When you love someone unconditionally, you encourage
authenticity. You celebrate diversity and non-conformity, you agree to disagree, you encourage debate, and you don't take it personally. You stop faking it with each other. You give that person permission to live and speak his or her truth, even if you don't agree with what he or she believes.

10. Unconditional love may not be reciprocated. Every individual has a different capacity for opening their heart. You may be more gifted in loving with an open heart than the person you love unconditionally. It's not personal. Be grateful that you have this capacity to love, and try not to take it personally if the person you love isn't able to return the epic love you have. If your love isn't reciprocated, don't let it keep you from opening your heart to others. As much as it can hurt to have your unconditional love unreciprocated, you have to give people permission to break your heart in order to experience the blessings of being loved unconditionally by others.

11. Unconditional love never ends, even if the relationship is over. By its very definition, unconditional love is not conditional. The love can go on beyond when a relationship ends. You can love someone unconditionally who you haven't seen in twenty years. Unconditional love can even continue after the person you love dies. This kind of love never ends.

12. Unconditional love is worth the risk. When you give your heart away fully to someone, you assume risk. Someone could hurt you. You're saddled with a love that will never end. It can be scary and painful and exhausting to love unconditionally. But dare I say that this is the meaning of life - to learn to love unconditionally and be loved in return? Yes, that's what I believe.

13. To love unconditionally is divine. When we love unconditionally, we channel the kind of love the Divine has for us and become vessels of healing, nurturing, and connection. It's such a fine balance. One of my wise clients said, "Love that requires you to compromise your integrity, your values, or your healing isn't, ultimately, love." Or is it? Maybe people who demand that you compromise your integrity, your values, or your healing shouldn't be allowed to influence you, and if you can't set those boundaries and still have them in your life, perhaps you need to take a break from them. But is it not love? I'm not sure. I guess I think you can still love someone who asks you to compromise. The difference is that you don't have to acquiesce to anyone's demands, even if you love them unconditionally.

Do You Love Someone Unconditionally?
Please share your triumphs, your challenges, your feelings, and your stories.

Credits to Lissa Rankin, MD

Friday, August 16, 2013

Read the Instructions

The other day I was trying to put something together. It came with instructions, but I'm just not one who likes to stop and read the directions. I like to just go for it and figure it out and not "waste time" if I don't have to.
But, I got stuck at this one particular point, so I picked up the instructions.

It's amazing what you learn by reading the instructions! I found out there are ways to tell if it's put together correctly.
There are signals and indicators that let me know if there is something wrong. Without the instructions, I may have put it together incorrectly and not ever have known it. Sure, I could make it look right, but without the instructions, it wouldn't have operated to its full capacity.

You know, it's the same way with God. Sure, we can try to do it on our own, but when we stop and read His instructions-the Word of God-it's amazing what we learn! We learn about our God, we learn about ourselves, we learn about what to do when things aren't working right.
We have a better understanding of life because we have a better understanding about Jesus! He reveals Himself through His Word and empowers us by His Holy Spirit.
Sometimes we think God is hidden, but He's always right there waiting for us to seek Him. He wants to reveal Himself. He wants to bless you and reward you for having a heart that desires to know Him more.

Maybe you're like me today, and your personality is one to try figure things out on your own. Don't take that approach with your life. When we try to do things on our own, it's so much harder. Jesus says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Learn from Him. Read your instruction manual-the Word of God-and become all that God has created you to be.

"Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." (Matthew 11:29, NKJV)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

God Works Through People

Ephesians 3:20 says "Unto him, who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever ask or think, according to the power that is at work within us".

In my Tender years of Christianity, this scripture made me dance as I got to realise that God is able to do super exceedingly abundantly above whatsoever I could ever ask of him and what I could ever think and imagine. It meant that (still means that) nothing is impossible with God (luke 1:37) and it confirms that God will grant my request as far as I ask in HIS name (John 14:13).
So, I kept it in mind and always reminded God of that scripture when I was praying in request for something.
But then I realised that he didn't always grant my requests. Why?, I kept wondering. After all, I pray according to His will (I hoped) and in His Name. As a result of this dilemma I got angry at God at times, asking Why he isn't fulfilling his promises and scriptures in my life.

Today, I got my answer.

Somehow, along the line I always expected a Miracle, I just expected it to drop from heaven without really giving God the opportunity to grant my request.

Today, I was studying the bible when I came across Ephesians 3:20 again and this time, I got a shocker.
That verse says "Unto him (God), who is able to do Exceedingly abundantly above all We can ever ask or think| ACCORDING to The POWER at Work WITHIN US (Me and You)".
Oh my God!
So, God works according to the Power he has already deposited in Us. In other words, He uses Us (those IN christ, that Trust completely and have surrendered to God) to do exceedingly abundantly. God works Through Us. He uses People Me, You, My Pastor, Your General Overseer, Your mentor, My Role model to fulfil purpose and to do miracles.

Immediately my mind started working and I got to realise that, God doesn't just Do things, He does Things through people.
He heals through people - one prays for someone and the sick person gets healed, Or You pray for yourself and Put yourself and your Total Faith in God and He see's the content of your heart, your faith or/and someone else's and Heals you.

You Ask for money and prosperity - He imprints on your willing and surrendered heart Ideas, and people to help make your dream come through.

Salvation is birthed By hearing the Gospel -even when you have prayed for a friend or a family member to be saved, the person never gets saved until he Hears The Word of God (Until someone Preaches to him).
See, "Faith comes by Hearing and Hearing the (preached or Read) word of God" (Rom 10:17 paraphrase).

It all has to do with Us, making an effort. Not just praying or wishing something happens but by Deliberating opening ourselves up to get an Answer.

Lackadaisical attitude doesn't work with God - you pray and then relax? No!

He Uses You to answer your prayers or he uses someone else to answer your prayers.
He works According to the power At work in us. He works according to our Faith, Our knowledge of The truth (His word - gotten through Studying), Our willingness to be helped by others and Our believe in His Ministers.

It doesn't just happen.

Nothing happens by accident.

Miracles happen to those who have entrusted their lives and issues to God, Who have decided to provoke that Power In them.

God works In us, via the Power, the Spirit in us gotten through our fellowship In and With Christ.

There's Strength in This Love

I remember looking at u and feeling this huge burst of energy Reverberating through me, It was like a mighty surge, My whole being began to quiver.

I was scared for a moment until I realised the feeling felt Good, it was simply magical.
As my whole body quivered, I felt Strong,whole and in that instant, I knew that whenever I'm with u, that as long as there's love in us, for us I Can Do anything and everything.

Being with you brings out the best in me and makes me want to up my game.

Later, when I pulled u close to me (in an attempt to cuddle), yet another burst of waves filled the atmosphere within me, it was stronger this time and I felt the weight I had earlier in my chest melt,that feeling in the pit of my stomach went away and was replaced with butterflies and as I closed my eyes in surrender to sleep I was convinced that there, right in your arms, is where I'm supposed to Be.

I feel Strength in this Love.

Jesus! The Answer to All Problems

I feel worthless.
I feel ruined.
Life can't be great anymore.
My bright future is now gloomy.

There's no coming back from this.
There's no light after this.
I'm done - Life is over with me.
I'm broken - Can't be repaired.

I wish it never happened.
I wish I could erase the memory.
I wish I could feel just a little bit better.
I wish something could give me an iota of hope.

If only I listened.
If only I hadn't allowed the circumstance define me.
If only I had looked beyond the present.
If only, if only.

I'd give anything to right things.
I'd do anything to make thing better.

My soul cried "Father have mercy"
God answered "Whenever you come boldly to my throne of Grace to ask for Mercy, You shall receive it"

My soul cried "I'm sorry for driving you away, Come back and help me"
God answered "sweetheart, I never leave you nor forsake you"

My soul cried "Father,I can't get out"
God said "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he"

My soul cried "But I'm not worthy to still be called yours, I'm stained already"
God said "haah! Child, My Grace is sufficient for you. Daughter, I have forgotten all that happened. Daughter, you are as white as snow to me now"

I cried out loud "So, how do I do it now?"
God answered, "the answer is in Jesus, if you don't understand his parables, the Holy spirit which is in you already would interpret for you."
He said, "You can do all things, cause the power in you through christ Jesus conquers all."

With tears still in my eyes, I got off my bed and began my new walk with Light.

If anyone can get me where I'm supposed be, to help me fulfil purpose, To aid, To lift me up when I fall its Jesus. He doesn't condemn - He just saves.

Yay! He is the only person who has seen the depth of my heart and still loves me. He is the only one that'd be my friend when I'm not even his.
Alas! If he could leave his throne in all its glory and come to earth to become sin just for my sake, then I believe he'd do every other thing for me.

It doesn't matter what you have been through, He doesn't care what you did in the past. When he comes in, everything would fall into place, you'd have rest on every side.
Forget the past, accept the light and the future would be better than you ever imagined.


Learn To Encourage Yourself

Everyone needs encouragement,
Everyone needs to be believed in,
Everyone needs someone to push them a little,
Everyone needs a boost,an incentive to keep going,


Most importantly,

Everyone needs to believe in themselves, everyone needs to be able to encourage themselves,
You need to be able to tell yourself that you can keep going.


Because, if you don't believe in yourself, it's going be hard for someone else to believe in you.
You have to love and accept yourself before others can love and accept you.
You dream your dreams yourself, you know better how you want to be, how you want to feel better than others.

Most importantly,

Because, people won't always be there when you need them.
Your best friend won't always be around,
Your parents might be preoccupied when you need them,
Your spouse might be having his/her own issues to deal with.

Everyone you would need at that time of your depression, lack of enthusiasm, at your down time may not be there.


Because everyone has and always would have their own issues to deal with and yes! They won't always have the right words and things to do to make you feel better.

What then is our solution to reduce dependence and to accept well the situations that we have to handle ourselves?

God First!
God never leaves nor forsakes us.
He knows us better than we know ourselves.
He knew us and was already taken care before we where even conceived.
He feels what we feel.
He never gives us more than we can handle.
He has promised he'd see us through every situation.
He has done it before. He is the same God, He is I am, hence, He can and will always do it again for us.

Go to God, Go to his Word and you shall find Solace, Bliss and Peace.
He'd envelope you with all you need to go through it.

Secondly, Consult your inner self!

A very common flaw now,
A fault that most people possess now,
We look outside for happiness
We feel that if we have this or that we'd be happy. We have neglected our inside, the true source of Happiness, Of Joy!
Materials things, People, Places won't always be available but
Us, Our within, Our inner Man is ever present.

If we start looking on our insides, we find ever flowing, non-shaken Joy and Happiness. Looking within, guarantees Ever present Joy (Even when the outside is in turmoil).

We have to start encouraging ourselves...
With God's promises, With the little efforts we make, with our best effort (even if it looks not good enough. --- but hey! REMEMBER though, That you best efforts are The Best enough).
Encourage yourself with past victories (If you could achieve something in the past, You have the abilities to Achieve another -greater one- Now and in the Future)
Encourage yourself with Fun memories, Times that made you laugh, times with friends and Family (this times would bring a smile to face and can lift you off a bad mood).

You have a right to be happy, Nobody, nothing has to key to your happiness except YOU.
Be happy!!!


Romans 8:28 says "We know that God causes EVERYTHING to Work TOGETHER for THE GOOD of those who LOVE God and are called according to his purpose for them"

This I most say is a lovely scripture and it gives me a lot of Hope when I read or think about it.
It says that no matter what we going through, A good will always come out of it as far as we Love God and are working accordingly to Fulfil his purpose in our lives.

There's HOPE (WE KNOW - we are optimistic and have Faith)
that GOD (our creator, the master planner, the Grand designer behind everything, The one who is ultimately pulling the strings, who doesn't ever make mistakes)
CAUSES (will make sure)
that EVERYTHING (good and bad, evil and good, our mistakes, sins, HURTS, Trials, Test, Temptations, Troubles -Everything that happens to You and me)
To WORK TOGETHER ( dependently, not separately but as a unit -every single thing that has happened to you will contribute)
For The GOOD (for the best. Meaning, He'd make you smile after everything, he'd find a Good and bring it out (prominently)
Of Those Who LOVE God and are Called (for ONLY those -for you, for me- Who Love and serve and obey and have complete Faith in God. It is for God's children working)
According to HIS Purpose (according to his will and plans for our lives, working IN Him, with Him and For him, Fulfilling Purpose).

For His children who love Him, serve Him, Believe and have Faith In Him, who keeps Hoping On him, He has Promised to make sure that everything that happens in their lives turns out For the good.

Rejoice and Be glad.
For as Long as You LOVE God and live according to His Purpose, Your Hurts, your tears, Your pain, Your trials and Temptations would Produce a Good and make you smile for eternity.
Keep a brave heart, Your Eternal reward is Great!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm With You - Anytime;Everytime!

When you need a shoulder to cry on,
Remember that i have a warm embrace
Ready to offer comfort

When you think life is being too tough,
Remember that which does not kill you
Only makes you stronger

When you need a friend to listen,
Remember that i am here for you
Anytime; Everytime

When you doubt me,
Remember I became sin for you
When I knew no sin

When you lose faith in yourself
Remember that i never did,
Nor never will.

I'm with you,
Today, Tomorrow and Forever.

Your Friend Always

By Dominion Rugba Fabric
Itimi Peace

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I wish it could be different

The carbonation in my drink
The bubbles rise as my heart sinks
And all i do is sit and think...
Of you

Was it easier for you to pack
Your heart from me and not look back
Board a bus to a day so black...

As this

That's why I never fall in love
The Pain that follows when its all gone
Makes you wonder if it was ever worth it ...
After all

Did you think of me when you made love?

To him was it the same as us
Or was it different? am sure it must...

And all those who claim they will die
Without me,
All told such sweet lies
Cause when they realise they will never make me smile
They will leave...

I hate you, i love you am just confused
I want to forget, but the memories refuse
In my head it seems infused...

I owe you lots for all those times
You stuck with me when i did you wrong
No doubt, you one of a kind

Only Now, i finally find my way back to you
You leave...

Its a shame that it ends this way
With nothing left for me to say

Its a shame,
when my hands begin to shake
When bitterness is all i taste
When my car wont stop cause I have cut the brakes

I hold on to being alone as i meet my fate...
No more hope
May you return to love one day
And the everything you wish to Have

My last words to you remains the same
Dat I hope and i pray you get what you gave...

The power of you

There are obstacles before you
One u feel you can never over come
To attempt is frightening!
But u know u can make it to the other side
If only you try

I've seen your potential
That u carry inside
I've seen the will,the passion
The fight in your eyes
I've witnessed your achievement
I know u can do it one more time

You can be anyone
You can be happy too
But first u must believe
In the power of you

You are valuable
And brave
And I know that you know
You can make it though tomorrow
If u can get through today.

By Dominion Rugba Fabric

Few tips on having a successful Relationship

Correct me if i'm wrong; The majority of relationships young people go into these times do not last. In a few weeks (sometimes days) a relationship ends - sometimes for reasons that could have been easily worked on or avoided. So uhm, i just want to share basic guidelines that when adhered to could increase the chances of having a successful relationship. PS: I'm open to more tips. :D

1)Be Friends First: Don't ever rush into a relationship. Don't date someone without knowing the person. You should know at least the basics like age,career choice,religion,hobbies,likes and dislikes. What does he/she do for fun? Who are their friends? Before you begin dating, there should be a lot of talking and asking questions. BE FRIENDS first.

2)Take your time: While dating, FOCUS on getting to know more about yourselves. SPEND TIME together, talk, play, pray, learn. Try to build and develop yourselves - as individuals and as a couple. Don't rush into intimacy,there's going to be time for that later,later later. He he!

3)Communication: Learn to TALK about anything and everything. TALK about your joys and your sorrows. Share secrets. Just talk. Communication is what keeps a relationship when everyother thing fails.

4)Ideologies: There'd always conflict if you guys do not share SIMILAR VIEWS. I don't mean views like the football team you support or political party you support. I mean career choices, religion,how many kids you want to have,where you want to live etc. These things if not settled early, if a compromise is not reached early could shatter the relationship.

4)Conflict: Now,you shouldn't be fearful of conflicts cause they must always show up. What makes the difference is how you handle conflict times.
First,i'd say NEVER ASSUME Don't assume to know what your partner is thinking and do not assume he/she knows what is going on in your head(well,expect he/she is a certified mind reader).
Also,do not INSIST you are right,even if you are - sometimes accept defeat so peace could reign. TRY not to end arguments feeling or making the other person feel degraded or humiliated.

5)Intimacy: Here's the big issue. Well i'd just say don't do anything except you really want to. Do not allow any one pressurize you into doing anything. If your partner cant WAIT till you ready then they do not love you and hence is not the right one for you.
And uhm, if you are going to get intimate before you wed, PLEASE BECAREFUL.

Try not to forget these:
*No body is perfect so do not expect a perfect person.
*The best relationship are a result of the effort, time and the work done.
*If you don't love yourself, nobody can love you.
*That thing you want,wants that thing too (you want cute and smart?, well cute and smart wants a cuter and smarter too). So work on yourself, so your want would want you too :D
*If God doesn't build a house,it shall definitely fall. So make God the foundation of your relationship.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Medical school

From stratified and squamous epithelium, To nucleated erythroblasts.

I always linked old ships with masts,
Mast cells have made me recast.

Rulers, rockets, rheostats,
Thank God that's all becoming  past.

I would yawn as time strolled past,
Now it's running very fast.

Have you seen my day's forecast?
Class to class, then back to class.

My class cannot be outclassed:
From the first guy to the last

What of the lecturers ;
Dr. Eboh, the Physiology and MBC lecturers, Such dumb-ass
All they know is come late or worst still don't come to class
Mehn, how do they expect us to pass!?

So we end up making plans
Plans on how to pass.
which involves being Photostating copycats.

Then, when results are broadcast,
Mehn, come and see acrobats.
Cos no feeling can outlast
Your joy, knowing you have passed.

So much joy, but in contrast
Many skies are overcast,
For among the enthusiasts
There are those who haven't passed.

I once thought all docs had hearts,
But now I am very smart.
And it goes far beyond that:
My brain has been torn apart.
Renin? Rennin? This or that?

Who knows glucose glucostat?
ALT aint alternate.
CAT is not after a rat.
FISH is not part of breakfast,
PDA is in the heart.

You should see machines we gat
They are more than works of art.
First the kidneys, then the heart,
Now it's bone marrow transplant.

I was a genius, so brilliant,
Now I look so ignorant.
Surgery was done by humans,
Now robots have other plans.

The future is so pregnant,
Time is never hesitant.
Soon the scalpel will depart,
Stitches insignificant.

Soon, Foetuses will choose their looks,
We'll even do surgery on Twitter, myspace or even Facebook.

Boyfriend rescues girlfriend from commiting suicide

A young woman’s life was saved after her boyfriend caught her as she tried to take her
own life by jumping off a balcony.
The 20-year-old from Harbin, China had climbed out on the couple’s balcony after a
fight with her partner and had crawled out onto a washing line, threatening to jump.

Her quick-thinking boyfriend ran to the downstairs neighbours who let him hang out of their window to try and plead her down.

Saving grace: The young woman was hanging from the balcony after her boyfriend catches her as she tried to jump to her death

Witnesses on the ground and other neighbours in the apartment block in the Daoli district of Harbin, Heilongjiang province, tried to reason with the distraught woman, begging her to climb back inside.

According to eyewitnesses, the thin clothing wire wobbled and the woman fell, Chinese news agency Xinhua reported.

Fortunately, she was caught by her boyfriend,
M who held on to her until neighbours and firefighters arrived – despite her begging for
him to let her go.

Thanks to the neighbours holding on to the boyfriend, the young woman could be pulled
to safety with the help of fire services.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our Response determines the outcome

What shapes everyone is not only our experiences but our responses to them...

Everybody goes through things but what makes the difference is how we respond to those issues and the choices and decisions we make!

You could decide to respond to your situation optimistically or pessimistically.
You could decide to let that issue make you or mar you.
You can choose to take that mistake as a lesson learnt and move ahead or you can keep dwelling on it and be stagnant.

Your decision,your response is the determining factor of your outcome.

The world versus God

Nobody cant fully understand you like God will,
Nobody would listen to you whole heartedly like God will,
Nobody cares like God does.

The world would judge you,
The world would condemn you,
The world would cast stones,
they'd say nasty stuffs,
they'd rebuke you,
but God won't ever do so.
He'd care, no matter how stained and ruined you are,he'd pick you up and clean you.

When everyone shuns you,
God will stretch out his hand towards you,
When everyone else slaps you,
God will beautify you and give you Peace.

The world wont take their time to listen and help without selfish reasons but God will,
The world wont love you when you ain't lovable but God will,
The world would laugh and mock you but God won't, he will give you reasons to smile.

The world would shut you out,
The world break you but God will build you, he'd restore you.

He doesn't care what you been through, He doesn't care what you are going through, he doesn't judge he redeems, he has no care about what the world says he'd clean you up.

No matter how bad you been,there's hope in christ.
Friends would leave you, family might despise you, church might shut you out but God will never leave nor forsake you.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Cast all your cares on him for he cares too much for you.

It's not over until God says so

I remember waking up one morning feeling like i couldn't be better,i was so depressed i didn't even think i was worth anything any more,it seemed like there was no reason for me to stand up that morning. So i slept and slept and slept,finally woke up and felt same way. Shit! My life's a mess i thought,there's nothing else for me to do. I've failed miserably!
Oh! I cried,i cried so much i thought my eyes would fall off.

Suddenly,i remembered God will never leave me nor forsake me(Heb13vs5),i remembered that God would never give me more than i can handle. U know, people who have succeeded immensely had to try and try and try again,even when they failed,they kept going. Abraham lincoln failed so many times but he kept going, Steve jobbs lost his company but he never stopped believing,he kept going. Henry Ford didn't take No for answer when he decided to produce his famous V-8 motor. The guy that produced the electric bulb tried 99times before he got it. Dr Dre - the beat King- had to start all over 3times before he got it. Uh,even the great prophet of fire- ELIJAH- had to pray 7times before he saw a sign (1kings18vs42-44).
Out of the greatest errors comes the greatest heroes, big mistakes comes big miracles.
*sighs*... It doesn't matter how many times i've failed,it doesn't matter how many times i've fallen, i can still rise up again,try again,believe again. It doesn't how many times i've had my heart broken,i can still love again. People have laughed at me but they would laugh with me soon.
Big challenges make great champions.
As far as i'm alive,i can be better.
No matter how bad i may think my situation is,there's someone out there who'd give anything to have my life.
As God was with Moses,so he'd be with me,he will not fail me nor forsake me(Josh1vs5). God as said i should not fret or have anxiety about anything(philip4vs6). Yes,i can do ALL things,All things,anything and everything (philip4vs13).
So why cry? Why be depressed? When i know i have potentials,when i know there's a world out there waiting for me to come conquer it,eh! It is not over until God says it is. I would be better.
I'd keep believing,i'd keep trying,i'd keep dreaming and i'd be it very soon!
Yes.. As far as there is life,there is Hope,there's a tomorrow that would be better.

Please smile

"Laughter is day and sobriety is night. SMILE is the twilight that hovers gently between both,more bewitch in than either"

-there's nothing as beautiful as a genuine smile
-there's nothing that lits up one's world as a smile.
-Smile makes everything look a lot easier,it reduces stress
-It takes so much less muscles 2 smile dan 2 frown

~Times maybe tough,things might be hard but remember than after every storm,d sun smiles. Remember dat there's a solution for every problem and Smile

¤Your smile might just be what that person needs 2 see 2 feel better n have hope
¤Your smile could be that motivation someone needs 2 go on
~Smile and you'd feel better
~Smile and you'd make someone feel better

~~Put a smile on someone's face today.
*Help the needy.
*Play with a child.
*Buy a gift no matter how small 4 a dear friend.
*Tease someone today.
*Have fun with family n friends
*Pray 4 someone.
*Do something kind.
*Lend a hand
*You don't have 2 do something big,just do something.
*teach someone something today
*tell somone about God's love.
*let som1 knw dat tomorrow promises 2 b better.

Spend time with loved ones

A woman came home from work late,very tired and irritated and found her 6yr old waiting for her.
  Mum-"dearie what are you doing up so late,you should be asleep. Remember,early to bed..."
  Son-"early to rise mum"
patting his head,she said " Good! Now run along"
The little boy replied "soon mum,i want to talk to you first"
Startled the mum said-"uh,son can't it wait?,am pretty exhausted,i need to rest"
    Son-"Mum please i promise i won't take much of your time"
Seeing the boy was relentless,she sat down and told him to go ahead.
     Son-"uh mum,i wanted to know how much you earn an hour"
    "like seriously,hats the important discussion that can't wait?" the woman replied already getting worked up.
   "Yes ma'am" the son said.
Shaking her head,she stood up to go to her room but stopped suddenly and said "If it's really important to you,i earn $20 an hour"
   Son-"oh! Ok mum. Please can i borrow $15 from you?"
  "oh! Jeez! We are done for the night,kindly march yourself straight to your room. Mtcheeeww. I can't believe this is the important talk that kept you awake till now".
With head bowed,d little boy quietly went to his room.
The woman,now very furious stormed to her room,had her bathe and was about to lay down when she remembered the discussion with her son. Her anger had melted much,then she started to think,"maybe he needs the money for something important,after all he doesn't ask for money often"
So she went to his room,knocked and asked "love,you still awake?"
   Son- "Yes mum,come in"
     "Uh,i'm sorry for raising my voice earlier,am just really tired,well here is the $15 you asked for"
The little boy sat up straight,smiling "oh thanks alot mum". Then he reached under his pillow and pulled up some crumpled bills,added d one his mum just gave him and said "mum,now i have $20. Can i buy an hour of your time?, please come home early tomorrow,i'd love to have dinner with you."
The woman was crushed. She hugged her son tightly and asked for forgiveness.

Lesson-Its time we thought about the things that really matter. Its time to stop working so hard and forgetting our family and friends need our time.

BBM,Whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter - The internet is taking so much of our time,time we could use to spend quality time hanging out with friends,gisting with our mum,talking with our dad,teasing and having fun with our siblings.

Books, work, internet should stop robbing the people we love of our time. It's not enough to chat all day long with our friends. Lets call them, text them,spend time with them.
Lets drop the books for a minute and go Talk to someone we care about.
Lets put off the Television and go talk with family.
Lets leave work a little early to spend time with loved ones.

My best friend and my boyfriend they play me and they no send

"My best friend and My boyfriend they play me and they no send"

Psquare's song keeps ringing in my head as I think of the latest traumatising event in my life.


I had a Fixed class that saturday morning by 7am, so I woke up very early and left my hostel...
*Annoyingly, the class didn't start till 10am.
So I spent the three hours preceding the class sleeping (c'mon na, wasn't my fault, I slept late cause I was reading o and then had to wake early •shrugs•), and pinging (with my boo he he).

Immediately the lecturer left the class, I packed my books and ran out. My mind was already in my hostel (my boyfriend was in my room, - had been  there for about an hour and half - my bestie was keeping him company though •Thank God• ).

••Immediately I got to my room, I felt funny.
My door was locked, so I knocked and my friend opened the door (only, it took her more time than normal to open the door) as a result, the funny feeling intensified a bit, but I deliberately decided against dwelling on it (turned out to be a wrong move).
When I entered inside, Josh (my boyfriend) was fast asleep (I think this fact calmed me down #smh), so I just chatted with Ann (my best friend) and then she said she was going to bathe, that she had choir rehearsals to Go for and that she was only still around because she didn't want to leave Josh alone (''awww, that's so sweet dearie'' I said to her).

She left, I got a little bored so I jumped on Josh's body in an attempt to wake him up.
The 'cutie' grudgingly woke up and bounced on me (I'm blushing at the memory).
We fought, laughed and he started kissing me (the rest is history ...he he *winks*).

He left 'later later later' after much ado (*winks*)
Ann came, gisted me about rehearsal, we cooked, ate and slept. 

* That saturday passed, didn't go back to it.


A week later...

I was looking for my material desperately, Ann wasn't around to help me search.
I had scattered every where scatterable, searched everywhere searchable yet I couldn't find it.
I was already pissed.

I moved over to Ann's personal bag to check ( at this point I didn't care where I was checking provided I found what I was looking for).
In the process of searching, I found her dairy.

I couldn't resist opening it ( latest conc mistake). I saw lots of interesting stuffs (he he, sweet - at that point o) and yes! I had a deeper insight about my friend.

I kept reading and then I got to a page dated '4th May 2013' (the day I had that fixed class).
I started reading and I got to part that said "Josh looked really good, I was horny and he was looking at me like he had something on his mind. I knew nothing Should happen cause of Jopesi but... I'm terribly attracted to him and everytime I see him with Jopesi I get a little jealous.
            Jopesi is my best friend and I can't betray her but... I was still having this huge fight with my conscience when I noticed he was closer to me.
               Yes! You must have guessed, He kissed me and I responded, Gosh! it was the best kiss I had ever had. I couldn't stop kissing him and when his hands touch my breasts every thought and concern about Jopesi left my mind - Only thing I could think about was Josh.
We made out 'intensely', my clothes were already off (totally), his shirt had come off too, his zipper was down and he was about to remove his trouser when I heard a knock (I'm sure after the person who turned out to be Jopesi had knocked like thrice already).
               Sweat broke out already, I was nervous I had no idea how she'd react to the close door or to the the fact that I didn't answer immediately.
  *While I was panicking, Josh had already dressed up, he whispered he was going to pretend he was sleeping ( he did it perfectly well).
I just packed my clothes into my wardrobe, tied towel and opened the door to face my fate"

•.•Mehn! When I read it, I was mad, hurt and at the same time I felt nothing (no surprise though that I crammed the whole thing word for word)...

I read on, and she talked about her bad she felt immediately she realised what had happened, that she cried her heart out while bathing. She said, she almost didn't want to come back to the hostel after rehearsal cause she didn't know if she'd be able to stand seeing me. Summary is *She felt bad*.




Aaaaaaarrrgggghhhh! I'm mad, hurt, I feel ...
   ( Tears keeps dropping ), my heart is heavy.

~~~I haven't told them I know about what happened but everytime I see any of them I feel ...
They still carry on like nothing happened.. Aaaarrrgggh!

I dnt know what to do right now. I fear if I talk to them about it I'd kill someone.
I love them both still,  but its painful.

Who do I blame more?
Josh?  For coming unto her and then making out with me too after she had left (can you imagine the kind of mind he has? Kai!)
Ann for betraying our friendship and submitting to her desire and never telling me about it (shoot! I eat with this girl, bath with her, sleep with her - like sleep in the same room with her *he he* ).
Isn't best friends supposed to be the one's to comfort us when our spouse messes up? *sighs*

Both I still love them both a lot.
I'm hurt, but no strength and urge to get angry and do something to them.

Be Yourself

A plum once said "just because a banana lover came by I converted to banana,his taste changed after awhile so I became an orange the he said I was bitter so I converted to an apple but he went for grapes. Now I have changed so many times, I don't know who I am anymore. I wish I had waited for a plum lover to come along."

Because a group of people don't accept you for who you are is no reason to strip yourself of your ORIGINALITY. You need to THINK good of yourself(cause the world sees you as you see yourself,the world hold you according to your estimate of yourself).
Never step down to gain acceptance. Never change to win a relationship. In the long run you"d regret that you traded your uniqueness for momentary validation.
The group that doesn't accept you isn't yours.

What water can do,gasoline cannot and what copper do,gold cannot. The fragility of an ant enables it move,the rigidity of a tree enables it stay rooted. Everything and everyone has been designed with a portion of uniqueness to serve a special purpose.

In the history of the universe, there hasn't been someone like you,and to the infinite of time to come, there won't be anyone like you.

A friend in Jesus

This is one of those days i sit with eyes full of tears,wondering why people misunderstand me.
So i know it's human nature to act before weighing the options, to talk before thinking.
I know not everyone is as insightful,not everyone knows how to give the benefit of a doubt, oh! I knw most humans are selfish and think only of themselves.
I know the flaws but it doesn't make it easier to bear.
I just want someone to get the exact point i'm trying to make,not the one they think i am making. I want someone, anyone to look beyond surface and see the real ish,get the real meaning. I want someone to really see the efforts i'm making and appreciate me. I want someone to understand me a little more,to give me d benefit of a doubt when everyone else sees my wrongs.
I want someone to care without expecting something in return.
Definitely i want a life free of complications.
I want smooth,i want cute,i want free,i want Understanding.
Could someone care enough to want to know the very realest me?

Well,technically i might never find that someone amongst humans. Shoot! I'm not even certain i can be that someone to somebody else.
So even though,i feel terrible at times due to lack of complete understanding,i console myself with the fact that no one is perfect. We are all imperfect beings with lots of flaws but most importantly i'd always console myself with the fact that,i have that someone in Christ Jesus.
Oh Yes! I may not find solace and understanding in humans but i will always get it and more in Jesus.
It's awesome to know that he knows me more than i know myself. shoot! The guy knew me before i was even born. He is the one that knows my deepest innermost needs and he is the only one who can fulfil those needs.
The most beautiful thing about a relationship with Christ is, u don't always need to voice out your feelings,he knows you inside and out,he knows what u feeling before you realise you are feeling that way,he knows what you need before you do.
He is that someone that cares and loves utterly without wanting something else in return.
He is that someone that would be your friend when you are not his.
He is just an awesome person,too awesome too ignore.