Saturday, January 31, 2015

15 for 15 challenge: My Schooling and it's components

Its 2am, I just finished making a 50 slide presentation for a training I have to deliver on Saturday. I still got a letter to type for my fellowship (Secretary General thingy) and a report to compile and send fellowship head office but unfortunately, laptop battery has died. I'm so pumped up that I'm wishing I didn't turn of my generator early and contemplating going outside to turn it back on. Lol!
In the last two weeks I have been a super lady, juggling between GSA responsibilities, Fellowship responsibilities and of cause Academics. Thankfully, Its been successful all round, well, not really as I had to miss classes on Tuesday because of fellowship work, miss classes on Wednesday because of Google work, dumped other thing for school work on thrusday whilst my right hand man (God bless you Gabriel) was doing errands for me.
One thing I learnt between tuesday and today was that in reality, I would sacrifice alot if I want to be effective all round but I have to remember to follow set priorities and make up for any lapses (especially class wise).
I have also learnt that in leadership, people management is the toughest task.

Friday, January 23, 2015

15 for 15 challenge: INTRODUCTORY POST

Hey guys! I know I have been MIA. I apologize. I have been trying to reach a level ground, been having internet issues plus my writing mojo seems to die down every time i get to school. Oh yea, for those who didn't know, i'm back to school and it's been craaazyyyyy! Trying to give details would be like writing a novella so let's just skip the intricacies okay? All you need to know is GOD is AMAZING and i'm effectively been effective or trying to be as effective as possible in all my responsibilities and priorities, and so far, i'm killing it well blogging excluded but soon to be included.
I got a lot on my mind to say but i'd keep most of it for the next post because it is perfect for the next post. What then is this next post about? it is the 15 for 15 challenge.

Monday, January 19, 2015



PIB: Please sir briefly introduce yourself.
EMEKA NOBIS: My name is Emeka Nobis. I was born in 1980. I studied Mechanical Engineering at Federal University of Technology, Owerri. I am married to my wife Joy and together we have a son called best.

PIB: Sir, what do you do and what are some of your outstanding achievements
EMEKA NOBIS: I am an author and a life strategist. In very simple terms, I help individuals to live their best lives always by redefining paradigms in organizational leadership, relationships and purpose discovery and actualization. I am also a public speaker. I am the author of two books, THE PROFOUND LIFE and SO YOU CALL YOURSELF A WRITER?

Thursday, January 15, 2015


As a child I grew up thinking everything happened just because someone wanted them to
Unknown to me that we make things happen too

What was I thinking??? 
I though it was normal to sleep at dusk wake up at dawn 
And sleep at dusk and wake up at dawn
Little did I know there was a force behind it 
Pulling and pushing For and against it 

What was I thinking??? 
 Treading through the hard part I thought it was a trial from someone
Who?? I didn't know
And he wanted this for me    

Sunday, January 11, 2015


A special day marked on every girls calendar,
Not a day de flowered,
Or period missed in monthly class,
but any girl who knows what's up, savor it

Its the most talked about globally,
After thanksgiving and july 4,
Let's not include christmas,
cause this day is treasured by the masses

The girls love it more,
The guys feel the pains,
Love is not a noun but a verb,
So at times like this
Silence is golden,
Actions can't be hidden

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Yaay! I'm excited! Here, I talked about a new feature which i tagged INSPIRING THE FUTURE TODAY. It's basically a series of interview with people who are successful in their chosen fields. These people would share some of the challenges or failures they have come come across and how they got through it. So, Allow me officially launch the series as i present to you an Interview with Mr. Osagie Alex, a renowned Poet/Spoken word Artist and a Counsellor at Benson Idahosa University.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I really don't getthe concept of dating!

When I was in J.s2 I had a crush on a bus conductor. He spoke well, looked soft, and was really cute plus he never collected money from me whenever I entered his bus. We never exchanged names or numbers just looks and smiles. After awhile, I stopped seeing him at the park. I hoped he had found something better to do, I hoped he had gone back to school as he looked / talked like someone who dropped out of school due to circumstances.
7years later (two weeks ago), I saw him again. We met inside a bus, he wasn't the conductor, he was the driver. He was still cute, his pidgin had blended and he didn't collect money from me. We still didn't exchange names or numbers, just smiles that carried memories but as I said thank you, the crushing ended.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I have this theory. It states that no one is intelligent or innovative until he produces results.
There are people we know that have great ideas and great initiatives and people that know a lot about diverse subjects. This people sometimes intimidate us when they talk about what they know or that which they can do. These are people we all respect and call smart, Intelligent, Creative and Innovative, but I beg to differ.

Monday, January 5, 2015



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NOR BE MY HEAD OOO...... 'God's Grace and Guidance'

More than anything, the phrase 'Grace and Guidance' has been on my mind this year.
I was in church for crossover service when it first registered in my spirit and as I began to meditate and pray for my 2015, the Lord kept emphasizing it.