Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 - It has been a HELLUVA Year!

I walked into my home on Thursday and the first thing I noticed about my mum, who was sitting on a couch in the living room, was that her hair has grown back. I can't explain the feeling in words but boy! Was I ecstatic! You see, the last time I saw her, her hair had stopped falling out but it wasn't growing either due to chemo. So, seeing her full hair was like "God! She is actually healed".
In all honesty, all the amazing things that happened to me this year (2017) is nothing compared to knowing for a fact that my mum is doing A-Okay. 

But Yes! I did have an amazing year.

A couple of months ago, I wrote about how my first seven months in Lagos had been, how God saved me from an accident and a possible kidnapping (yes) and how paranoid I have become as a result of all that. What I'm not sure I talked about in detail is how amazing tbh, Lagos and the year have been.

The year started out a bit dramatic, then I went for NYSC orientation camp where I had a GREAT TIME - and the best, most involving time of my NYSC ish.
Lol! At this point, let me just say this; lowkey, NYSC is a waste of time tbh! Yes, a few people find love, discover a new city and way of life, learn new stuff via internships etc - things we can all do in a gap year if Nigerians fancied the idea - but all that cds and clearance ish is just a waste of time. I say this partly because at the end of the day, everyone will still get the certificate - those who religiously gave their year to it and those who didn't - amidst the very corrupt system.

As I was saying, the beginning of my 2017, was characterized by going to Oyo State for Camp and then redeploying to and settling in Lagos. I was scared!!! Scared of finding a great place to stay, anxious of where I'd be working, scared of not fitting it, scared of Lagos - the traffic and stress everyone had been telling me about and sad that I'd be missing the new friends I had met in camp. But like a boss, I sucked it all up! Trusted God, Packed my bags and moved!

Did it turn out okay? Oh! more than okay!

First, I found a new family (I want to write about this in detail but I fear my writing will not do justice), my workplace was the bestest (Webcoupers is a standard tbh. What Bode & Peter are creating there, the people they recruit 😍 #goals), I didn't have to face terrible traffic ever (God is Gracious), trained more people this year (had some of the best moments during these), Anzisha opened my eyes to possibilities (we didn't make it pass the semifinals for just 1 thing 😭 but it was an experience I will always be grateful for), Yali was an experience (taught me great things about myself & gave me new friends), got multiple job offers within the year, made mistakes, procastinated alot😭😭 (God, please intervene), spoke (not trained) at events (best most impactful moments right here), got awards & recognitions (awards from APCN and YALI; Recognition from leading ladies Africa, the intl clarion, blueprint afric, We.e.d etc), made money (spent it all, saved a tiny bit), got lonely, was sick for a long while, mildly depressed at a point too, learnt how to play Scrabble (trashed my colleagues at work and got trashed at home), almost found love 😭😭😭😭, was trying to drive and hit my friends car (this one got to me 😭😭), had the most interesting and mind boggling 1hour conversation of my life with EGL (found a mentor), Remi Owadokun did something  really nice for me, got the most thoughtful gift ever, one of my all time favourite people became a mummy, bought new shoes 🀀🀀, made my mum proud, and then in the last 2 weeks of the year, cried hard because God spoke clearly & harshly through two people and the decision wasn't the easiest.

Now, I'm in Benin, trying to rest and I'm like Damn! There's no shame in taking a break from working so hard.

So yes! I am GRATEFUL! 

  • For a great year
  • ‎For my mum
  • ‎For Joyce; thanks for being a great friend, for being my rock when it mattered, for all you do for RenΓ© (one day, we will thank you in a grand style), and for abandoning me too for a while 😑😑
  • ‎For Gabriel, for always being available to go out with me for training, meetings, and stuff. I don't take it for granted (except when you are boring me - to death - with too much consistent work talk).
  • ‎For Gold.
  • For Webcoupers; No! For Bode & Peter. For allowing me to be me and do me😭, and for giving me opportunities for growth and responsibilities too. ...And great colleagues!!!
  • ‎For the Okundayes' 😭. For taking me as their own, teaching me about family, the advises & talks and all-round kindness. (Lord, please bless this Family for me, please. Like, embarrass them with your Favour and Grace. Bless them with opportunities - business, ministerial and academic opportunities). One day, I'd have the courage to write extensively about this.
  • ‎For DSA & YALI
  • For Baffuponline (lol. Yes)
  • For Life.
The MOST thoughtful gift I received this year. It came from a friend I met in Accra (we had only one conversation during our 3 weeks together) and he couldn't give me this before I left for Nigeria. So he called, asked for my address and sent it via DHL. I almost cried when I read the note.

Lessons I'm entering the new day with?

  • I still do not like cooking or anything related! Future husband, take note. I'd cook for you sha but it is not a hobby.
  • Pressure puts a demand on you for growth. It builds capacity.
  • God will Never leave you stranded. Mehn, I was broke a few times this year but never once, was I stranded. This isn't just in finance, but in decision making, in relationships, in life. God will never leave his own stranded.
  • Do what feeds your why. Find your why, define your journey and only do what feeds it.
  • Work hard but it's okay to play hard too. Be less serious!
  • I'm still learning to build & sustain relationships
  • If you see yourself as small, you will only dream small dreams to suit your capacity. If you have an injured picture of your self-image, you cannot exercise the best of your imaginative power. 

This coming year,

  • I want to be much more spiritual, more intimate with God. 
  • I want to overcome my demons
  • I want to read more
  • I want to go to the spa often
  • I want to travel leisurely with Socialprefect and co.
  • I want to speak more and train more.
  • I want to speak at a TedX
  • I want to be an MCW & MW Fellow
  • I want to move into my own place
  • I want to build more relationships. Sustain them. Make Friends. GO OUT MORE.
  • I want to be more childlike.

Happy 2018 guys! The 18 is just a number but it is okay to celebrate it and attempt to be better at living your best life!

✌️ Thanks for reading.

Share with me your lessons, or the things you are grateful for in 2017 by leaving a comment. Then also, SHARE THIS POST.


  1. I'm proud of you dear.
    You have so much going yet you have a way of holding it all together.
    I'm glad your mum has been healed. See you in 2018

    1. Aww! Thanks for much for reading Chizzy. I appreciate your comment. See you in 2018.

  2. Oh wow! I'm really awed by you and extremely happy about your mum. Thanks for the smiles o, who woulda known? Anyway,if I've never told you before, you added to my "ginger" to go in and be all. So thanks for that. May the odds always be in your favor. Happy new year! πŸ˜€

  3. So glad your mum is healed. I pray her healing remains permanent. Keep soaring dearie!
    Greater heights shall attain!!

    Finally found a fellow who doesn't like cooking like meπŸ˜€πŸ˜€.
    Now I feel betterπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‹

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