Thursday, March 22, 2018

I Finally Realized What Happiness Means To Me.

Happiness to me is Love.

— Happiness to me is being surrounded by love. Love from family, those with which blood ties are inconsequential as they just care, pray and look out for me, and make me eat. Love from friends, who do not care how long ago it is that we spoke, or how much different we are in our personalities now, or how much different the places we are in our lives are. Friends that just care and love me for how I am.
— Happiness to me is being in a romantic relationship with someone I absolutely adore, someone who makes me feel safe and comforted by just the mere thoughts of him, someone with whom I find talking to easy, whom I share my burdens, victories, confusion, clarity with, in its raw form, someone who makes me strive to be a better person
— Happiness to me is doing what I love. Happiness to me is teaching, impacting, seeing people learn new things that they can apply to their lives, businesses, and career from me. Happiness to me is speaking, having the opportunities to pour out the little I know. Happiness to me is running digital marketing campaigns and providing solutions/strategies that help businesses achieve their goals. Happiness to me is teaching!!!

Happiness is to me is Wealth.

— Happiness to me is having enough money to spoil my nuclear family, - so my parents have no reason to hustle and my brother has in excess - and extended family, those who have taken me as theirs.
—Happiness to me is having enough money to give and give and give — to my churches, campus fellowship, to charity organizations, to my friends and those less privileged
— Happiness to me is Time! Having/creating enough time to spend with loved ones and time to rest - to sleep.
and then also, Happiness is to me is Fun. Happiness to me is hanging out with close friends, talking, and looking for trouble. I am sha very indoorsy.
Happiness to me is knowing what happiness means to me and understanding that even when I do not have all those things that make me happy, I can still be happy by just deciding to be happy. Happiness is to me is deciding that still, while in this journey — before boo and wealth comes — I will be happy.

What is Happiness to You?


  1. Happiness to me is Time and freedom. freedom to do what i want when i want. steady.
    Nice write up peace.
    keep it up


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